Daisy and Lola at work

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daisy and Lola Find a New Way to Serve Mankind

Daisy and Lola are standing with Rod in the street in front of the Bella when a tall good looking stranger walks by.

[2010/05/16 18:52] Daisy Stratten: Heya hon *winks*

[2010/05/16 18:52] Lolaraine McGinnis turns and smiles at the stranger: heya good lookin

[2010/05/16 18:52] Rod Eun tips his hat

[2010/05/16 18:52] Carlton Mornington tips his hat to the three: Hello there.

[2010/05/16 18:52] Lolaraine McGinnis: Lookin' fer some fun?

[2010/05/16 18:52] Lolaraine McGinnis raises her dress a little

[2010/05/16 18:52] Carlton Mornington smiles at the two women as he looks them over.....

[2010/05/16 18:52] Daisy Stratten: If ya lookin fer snatch, we the best

[2010/05/16 18:52] Lolaraine McGinnis winks

[2010/05/16 18:52] Carlton Mornington: That a fact?

[2010/05/16 18:53] Lolaraine McGinnis nods: uh huh shore is

[2010/05/16 18:53] Daisy Stratten: Just ask Rod here, he's a satisfied customer

[2010/05/16 18:53] Lolaraine McGinnis nudges Rod and nods

[2010/05/16 18:53] Carlton Mornington: That true mister? These two the best in town?

[2010/05/16 18:53] Rod Eun looks at the two.. "Uh yeah, I is.. " *he nods

[2010/05/16 18:53] Lolaraine McGinnis wraps her arm around Rod

[2010/05/16 18:53] Lolaraine McGinnis: Reg'lar customer, he is

[2010/05/16 18:53] Lolaraine McGinnis: Cain't git enough

[2010/05/16 18:54] Rod Eun: Best I've had, since Kansas City, I reckon.. *he nods sort of jerky

[2010/05/16 18:54] Lolaraine McGinnis rests her head on Rod's shoulder

[2010/05/16 18:54] Rod Eun puts his arm round Lola.. "None better"

[2010/05/16 18:54] Carlton Mornington smiles....Well now.

[2010/05/16 18:54] Lolaraine McGinnis nods and grins, holding the bottle behind her back

[2010/05/16 18:55] Carlton Mornington: I have ta tell ya, its right hard to decide.

[2010/05/16 18:55] Lolaraine McGinnis tilts her head: You don't gotta pick one

[2010/05/16 18:55] Lolaraine McGinnis: Take turns, why not?

[2010/05/16 18:55] Carlton Mornington grins....Now there is an idea..

[2010/05/16 18:55] Carlton Mornington: turns?

[2010/05/16 18:55] Rod Eun just sort of nods along

[2010/05/16 18:55] Lolaraine McGinnis: Sure, her first, then me

[2010/05/16 18:55] Carlton Mornington: why not both at the same time?

[2010/05/16 18:56] Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs and looks at Daisy

[2010/05/16 18:56] Daisy Stratten: How many peckes ya got?

[2010/05/16 18:56] Lolaraine McGinnis: Bed's kinda small

[2010/05/16 18:56] Carlton Mornington chuckles....Dont you worry none on that.

[2010/05/16 18:57] Daisy Stratten shrugs

[2010/05/16 18:57] Carlton Mornington: Lets hear yer price then.

[2010/05/16 18:57] Daisy Stratten: We git five dollars fer the regular but this ain't regular

[2010/05/16 18:57] Lolaraine McGinnis: Nope it ain't.. maybe 15

[2010/05/16 18:57] Daisy Stratten: Seth how much ya pay to fuck me and lola at the same time?

[2010/05/16 18:58] Rod Eun nods ta Seth.. "Evenin'"

[2010/05/16 18:58] Seth Riverstone: at the same time?

[2010/05/16 18:58] Lolaraine McGinnis looks to Seth

[2010/05/16 18:58] Seth Riverstone: that possible?

[2010/05/16 18:58] Daisy Stratten smiles at Seth innocently and nods

[2010/05/16 18:58] Lolaraine McGinnis: More or less

[2010/05/16 18:58] Carlton Mornington looks at the man.....This here yer pimp?

[2010/05/16 18:58] Rod Eun: Why sure it is.. *he goes along

[2010/05/16 18:58] Seth Riverstone: he got two pricks or summat?

[2010/05/16 18:58] Lolaraine McGinnis: Naw, our guy's off on a honeymoon

[2010/05/16 18:58] Lolaraine McGinnis: We kinda figgerin' this on our own

[2010/05/16 18:58] Daisy Stratten: That's what I said!

[2010/05/16 18:59] Daisy Stratten nods at Seth

[2010/05/16 18:59] Carlton Mornington: Yer figurin on 15 bucks, each?

[2010/05/16 18:59] Rod Eun: oh brother.. *he mutters under his breath

[2010/05/16 18:59] Seth Riverstone: sound about right.

[2010/05/16 18:59] Lolaraine McGinnis: Naw, ... *pauses* Uh, yeah

[2010/05/16 19:00] Carlton Mornington shakes his head sadly.....Damn, only got 10 ta throw to whores.

[2010/05/16 19:00] Lolaraine McGinnis tries to smile fetchingly at him

[2010/05/16 19:00] Lolaraine McGinnis: what ya gonna throw the rest at?

[2010/05/16 19:00] Carlton Mornington: A mans gotta eat, gotta drink.

[2010/05/16 19:01] Daisy Stratten: We could blow ya fer ten...*blinks*

[2010/05/16 19:01] Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw honey, we take care a all yer needs

[2010/05/16 19:01] Daisy Stratten: Both at once I mean

[2010/05/16 19:01] Lolaraine McGinnis looks over at Daisy, her eyes big

[2010/05/16 19:01] Carlton Mornington thinks that over...

[2010/05/16 19:01] Daisy Stratten shrugs at Lola and mouths, "Lotta money."

[2010/05/16 19:01] Carlton Mornington: I dunno, thats a lot fer just a mouth job.

[2010/05/16 19:01] Lolaraine McGinnis nods: Two mouth jobs, hon

[2010/05/16 19:02] Lolaraine McGinnis smiles and flutters her eyelashes, twirling her hair for good luck

[2010/05/16 19:02] Carlton Mornington thinks for a minute...

[2010/05/16 19:02] Lolaraine McGinnis slides her hands down her blouse and loosens a button

[2010/05/16 19:02] Carlton Mornington: Ah hell, ya only live once.

[2010/05/16 19:02] Daisy Stratten: C'mon then hon

[2010/05/16 19:02] Lolaraine McGinnis: Follow us

Daisy leads the man to the Cricket.  Lola follows but get stuck in the mud and stops to clean her boots off

[2010/05/16 19:03] Daisy Stratten: Ya wanna drink first, hon?

[2010/05/16 19:03] Carlton Mornington shakes his head...Nah, reckon I will get something later

[2010/05/16 19:04] Carlton Mornington grins....where did ya partner go?

[2010/05/16 19:04] Daisy Stratten looks out the window

[2010/05/16 19:04] Daisy Stratten: Think she got stuck in the mud, she be along

[2010/05/16 19:05] Daisy Stratten grabs a bottle of whiskey and takes a deep drink

[2010/05/16 19:05] Carlton Mornington looks around.......this aint the worst shithole I ever seen.

[2010/05/16 19:05] Carlton Mornington nods....sure thing.

[2010/05/16 19:05] Daisy takes the man into the backroom; Lola follows.

[2010/05/16 19:06] Carlton Mornington unbuttons his pants

[2010/05/16 19:06] Lolaraine McGinnis sets the bottle down after taking a good swig

[2010/05/16 19:06] Daisy Stratten: Lola where's yer pillow?

[2010/05/16 19:06] Lolaraine McGinnis: I'll git it

[2010/05/16 19:07] Daisy Stratten: Why the hell does y mouth go dry right 'fore I do ths? *takes another swig*

[2010/05/16 19:07] Carlton Mornington rests his hands on his pistol buts...

[2010/05/16 19:07] Lolaraine McGinnis gets out a red velvet pillow and places it gently at the man's feet

[2010/05/16 19:07] Daisy Stratten drops to her knees and giggles

[2010/05/16 19:07] Lolaraine McGinnis takes a deep breath

[2010/05/16 19:08] Daisy Stratten: I never done it with a nother gal 'fore

[2010/05/16 19:08] Lolaraine McGinnis: me neither, I ain't sure.. who gonna do what

[2010/05/16 19:08] Daisy Stratten: I think we take turns *nods*

[2010/05/16 19:08] Lolaraine McGinnis nods: I guesses so

[2010/05/16 19:08] Carlton Mornington looks down....Just do what every comes into yer heads I reckon. First time fer me too.

[2010/05/16 19:09] Daisy Stratten shrugs and reaches up to unfasten his pants, shoving her hand inside and fishing around

[2010/05/16 19:09] Carlton Mornington grins gets bigger.....

[2010/05/16 19:09] Lolaraine McGinnis watches Daisy and reaches for her bottle, taking a swig and watching

[2010/05/16 19:09] Lolaraine McGinnis whispers to Daisy, putting her hand on hers

[2010/05/16 19:09] Lolaraine McGinnis: Wait!

[2010/05/16 19:09] Lolaraine McGinnis: did ya git the money?

[2010/05/16 19:10] Daisy Stratten: Oh!

[2010/05/16 19:10] Daisy Stratten takes her hand out

[2010/05/16 19:10] Carlton Mornington looks down....whats the matter there honey?

[2010/05/16 19:10] Lolaraine McGinnis nudges Daisy

[2010/05/16 19:11] Daisy Stratten: Uh...we need the money first hon. I know it takes the romance out of it but that;s the way it is

[2010/05/16 19:11] Lolaraine McGinnis nods

[2010/05/16 19:11] Carlton Mornington chuckles....sure, sure.

[2010/05/16 19:12] Lolaraine McGinnis: Pay Daisy, I owes her

[2010/05/16 19:12] Lolaraine McGinnis: That's Daisy, I'm Lola

[2010/05/16 19:12] Daisy Stratten holds out her hand and smiles sweetly

[2010/05/16 19:12] Lolaraine McGinnis grins jup at the man

[2010/05/16 19:12] Carlton Mornington reaches into an inside vest pocket and pulls out several bank notes and hands it to Daisy

[2010/05/16 19:12] Carlton Mornington: Pleased ta meet ya both. Im Carl.

[2010/05/16 19:13] Daisy Stratten slides the money into her bodice and proceeds to stick her hand back into the mans pants

[2010/05/16 19:13] Lolaraine McGinnis takes a swig and watches

[2010/05/16 19:13] Lolaraine McGinnis whispers: You do the first minute and I'll do the next

[2010/05/16 19:13] Carlton Mornington looks down watching a big smile on his face.

[2010/05/16 19:13] Daisy Stratten works her hand back and forth and looks at Lola

(meanwhile, voice of others can be heard from the bar)

[2010/05/16 19:14] Rod Eun: Can I get ya a drink Seth?

[2010/05/16 19:14] Seth Riverstone: whiskey please.

[2010/05/16 19:14] Carlton Mornington eyes close.....You two girls are somethin.

[2010/05/16 19:14] Rod Eun nods and takes out a bottle and pours one out, pushin' it over.. "Here ya are"

[2010/05/16 19:14] Lolaraine McGinnis nods approval at Daisy's handiwork

[2010/05/16 19:14] Daisy Stratten slips her hair over her shoulder and sticks her tongue in the corner of her mouth while she concentrates

[2010/05/16 19:15] Lolaraine McGinnis studies Daisy's technique with approval: "I never thoughta that"

[2010/05/16 19:15] Daisy Stratten uses her other hand to take a swig from her bottle and proceeds to work her mouth over the gentlemen while looking at lola out of the corner of her eyes

[2010/05/16 19:15] Ernst Osterham frowns into his glass, seeming deep in thought, watching the street with a recurring glance

[2010/05/16 19:15] Seth Riverstone: thanks.

[2010/05/16 19:15] Carlton Mornington pants....damnnnn

[2010/05/16 19:16] Rod Eun calls over ta Ernst.. "Ya doing alright on drinks there Sir?"

[2010/05/16 19:16] Lolaraine McGinnis pushes Daisy aside after a minute, and thows her hair back: "Here, this is somethin' I learnt in the circus"

[2010/05/16 19:16] Daisy Stratten eyes widen as Lola takes over

[2010/05/16 19:16] Seth Riverstone leans over the bar a little. "this place'd be perfect for a con like the bounty, ya know. it'd double your wage, at least.

[2010/05/16 19:16] Lolaraine McGinnis proceeds to work on the man, looking at Daisy and nodding, pointing to demonstrate what she's doing

[2010/05/16 19:16] Ernst Osterham nods absentmindedly

[2010/05/16 19:16] Ernst Osterham: Yes, waiting on someone...or something of that nature

[2010/05/16 19:16] Rod Eun turns back to Seth

[2010/05/16 19:16] Daisy Stratten: Ohhhh like them goddamn horn blowin' circus seals

[2010/05/16 19:16] Lolaraine McGinnis sets back on her heels and says: Here, you give it a try

[2010/05/16 19:16] Carlton Mornington groans as the redhead works on him...

[2010/05/16 19:17] Rod Eun: No problem.. *he nods to Ernst

[2010/05/16 19:17] Rod Eun shrugs again to Seth.. "I reckon, though I ain't looking ta run a con myself, trying ta stay low key.. "

[2010/05/16 19:18] Lolaraine McGinnis hands the man's part over to Daisy

[2010/05/16 19:18] Daisy Stratten watches carefully and nods as she takes over again, mimicing what she saw Lola do

[2010/05/16 19:18] Rod Eun: I just do what Mr Zeke says, fer the most part

[2010/05/16 19:18] Carlton Mornington body tenses....goddam....ya....are...good

[2010/05/16 19:18] Seth Riverstone looks over to the door. "not at all. all you'd do is your normal job. The whole point of a bounty con, is that when you spot any rich fuckers like him come in, you tell your 'bounty hunter'.

[2010/05/16 19:18] Lolaraine McGinnis holds Daisy's hair back for her and nods approvingly: A little more tongue, hon

[2010/05/16 19:19] Daisy Stratten works more tongue into her movements and looks up at the man for approval

[2010/05/16 19:19] Rod Eun: Ah.. I see... *nodding once more

[2010/05/16 19:19] Carlton Mornington groans loudly as he finishes.....Lord a mighty

[2010/05/16 19:19] Seth Riverstone: as your makr comes back for his time with the girls, or whatever, your bounty hunter approaches, tells him he's got a warrent for his arres, yadda yada.

[2010/05/16 19:19] Seth Riverstone: but he;s be willing ta accept a bribe.

[2010/05/16 19:19] Rod Eun: Hmm.. that is tricky

[2010/05/16 19:19] Lolaraine McGinnis looks pleased and hands Daisy a bottle and handkerchief

[2010/05/16 19:20] Seth Riverstone: moneys spit between the bar and the hunter.

[2010/05/16 19:20] Daisy Stratten swallows hard, and glugs down whiskey, before whiping her mouth with the hanky

[2010/05/16 19:20] Seth Riverstone: lawless camp like this.

[2010/05/16 19:20] Carlton Mornington looks down at the girls his breath coming in pants....I, I think ya'll need a tip fer that.

[2010/05/16 19:20] Daisy Stratten: Now weren't that worth it hon?

[2010/05/16 19:20] Lolaraine McGinnis wipes her hands down her skirt and smiles at the man

[2010/05/16 19:20] Rod Eun: Check.. Yep, lotta money floatin' round, I'm sure lots of con men about here

[2010/05/16 19:21] Carlton Mornington reaches in a pocket and hands them anoother bank note for 5 dollars.

[2010/05/16 19:21] Daisy Stratten hands the money to Lola

[2010/05/16 19:21] Seth Riverstone shrugs.

[2010/05/16 19:21] Lolaraine McGinnis smiles and tucks the money down her blouse

[2010/05/16 19:21] Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya gotta come back when you makes more money hon

[2010/05/16 19:21] Seth Riverstone: how long ya reckon before this camp dries up with the gold anyway?

[2010/05/16 19:22] Daisy Stratten stands up slowly and smoothes her hands down her skirt

[2010/05/16 19:22] Rod Eun fixes up some of the glasses and bottles, in the back bar

[2010/05/16 19:22] Carlton Mornington: That feller out there was right. Ya are the best I ever did see.

[2010/05/16 19:22] Rod Eun: Hard ta tell, normally these things don't last too long.. but it's hard ta tell, till they really start digging the hills

[2010/05/16 19:22] Carlton Mornington fixes up his pants and adjusts everything.

[2010/05/16 19:23] Lolaraine McGinnis whispers to Daisy: I owes ya a couple on accounta ya took it

[2010/05/16 19:23] Lolaraine McGinnis smiles toward the man

[2010/05/16 19:23] Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya go have a drink hon

[2010/05/16 19:23] Daisy Stratten washes her hands and face at the basin

[2010/05/16 19:23] Carlton Mornington grins at the two and walks out..

[2010/05/16 19:23] the door opens smoothly.

[2010/05/16 19:23] Lolaraine McGinnis: Tell Rod ta put it on Lola's tab

[2010/05/16 19:23] Rod Eun moves some more of the bottles around

[2010/05/16 19:24] Lolaraine McGinnis knows Rod will pour him one of the weak drinks

[2010/05/16 19:24] Carlton Mornington: Bartender, a whiskey.

[2010/05/16 19:24] Carlton Mornington: Lola said to put it on her tab.

[2010/05/16 19:24] Lolaraine McGinnis: I dunno... if'n we do that agin, maybe we kin charge more and only work half the day

[2010/05/16 19:24] Rod Eun turns.. "Oh.. coming right up Sir.. ahh.. yes Sir"

[2010/05/16 19:24] Daisy Stratten looks at Lola and bites her lower lip, "No 'mount of prayin' is gonna make up fer that."

[2010/05/16 19:24] Rod Eun takes up the bottle again, pouring him up a glass...

[2010/05/16 19:25] Rod Eun pushes it over.. "here ya go Sir"

[2010/05/16 19:25] Lolaraine McGinnis: Maybe we kin do the preacher man that way an' ask him

[2010/05/16 19:25] Ernst Osterham slumps over in the chair, head on his arm as the partially full glass spills on the table, a spreading pool of brown liquid

[2010/05/16 19:25] Daisy Stratten: Oh we should tal to 'im

[2010/05/16 19:25] Lolaraine McGinnis nods

[2010/05/16 19:25] the door opens smoothly.

[2010/05/16 19:25] Lolaraine McGinnis: Or we kin write a letter to Auntie Bluebird

[2010/05/16 19:25] Seth Riverstone turns ta the bottle dropping.

[2010/05/16 19:26] Seth Riverstone checks the mans wrist.

[2010/05/16 19:26] Lolaraine McGinnis: How's that whiskey comin' hon? *to Carlton

[2010/05/16 19:26] Ernst Osterham moves his arm, trying to shake the man off

[2010/05/16 19:26] Carlton Mornington picks up the glass and sips it, can tell its cheap and watered down, but it was free.....Just fine Lola. Just fine, thank ya.

[2010/05/16 19:26] Ernst Osterham mumbles, eyes closed

[2010/05/16 19:26] Seth Riverstone puts his finger to his lips in daisy's direction, then lets go.

[2010/05/16 19:26] Rod Eun nods to them, as he wipes down the bar

[2010/05/16 19:26] Daisy Stratten: Lord he's drunk....

[2010/05/16 19:27] Lolaraine McGinnis: So, you in town lookin' fer gold?

[2010/05/16 19:27] Carlton Mornington: Nah, I aint no prospector.

[2010/05/16 19:27] Seth Riverstone worsk out if he;s worth pick-pocketing.

[2010/05/16 19:27] Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya ain't? Ya ain't a preacher is ya? We had one about earlier

[2010/05/16 19:28] Seth Riverstone decides he probably wont have enough on him.

[2010/05/16 19:28] Ernst Osterham releases the glass to roll across the table

[2010/05/16 19:28] Carlton Mornington grins....only preacin I do is with these. ~taps the two pistols~

[2010/05/16 19:28] Lolaraine McGinnis raises an eyebrow: Hirin' out is ya?

[2010/05/16 19:28] Carlton Mornington: For the right price.

[2010/05/16 19:29] Lolaraine McGinnis: Folks lookin' fer security... gold makin' folks crazy

[2010/05/16 19:29] Carlton Mornington looks around,...Ya'll need a good man?

[2010/05/16 19:30] Seth Riverstone: they got three

[2010/05/16 19:30] Seth Riverstone: all rolled into one.

[2010/05/16 19:30] Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: I think Zeke were talkin' about it

[2010/05/16 19:30] Carlton Mornington looks at Seth....A big feller is he?

[2010/05/16 19:30] Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh, yeah..Marty

[2010/05/16 19:30] Seth Riverstone: you could say that.

[2010/05/16 19:31] Lolaraine McGinnis: I heard the Bella were lookin'

[2010/05/16 19:31] Carlton Mornington: Were they? where is the Bella?

[2010/05/16 19:31] Rod Eun nods too... "Yes, our Marty is a big one"

[2010/05/16 19:31] Lolaraine McGinnis: across the way, down a couple towards the stagecoach

[2010/05/16 19:32] Carlton Mornington downs the rest of the drink.

[2010/05/16 19:32] Carlton Mornington nods....Thank ya Lola. You folks are right friendly.

[2010/05/16 19:32] Lolaraine McGinnis grins: We tries

[2010/05/16 19:32] Carlton Mornington grins...and a couple of ya are right talented too.

[2010/05/16 19:33] Lolaraine McGinnis: we got our ways

Later, after the man has left the girls stand on the porch.

[2010/05/16 19:41] Daisy Stratten: You ever seen that fella before?

[2010/05/16 19:42] Lolaraine McGinnis: Naw, he warn't too bad ta look at

[2010/05/16 19:42] Lolaraine McGinnis: but he sure didn't have no stamina

[2010/05/16 19:42] Daisy Stratten: I weren't read fer 'im to pop off in my mouth like that *shrugs*

[2010/05/16 19:42] Lolaraine McGinnis: Woulda thunk he coulda lasted a bit longer

[2010/05/16 19:42] Daisy Stratten: Musta been too excited

[2010/05/16 19:43] Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head: Naw that were a bit of a surprise. Prob'ly ain't been with a woman in a long time.

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