Daisy and Lola at work

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lola returns after a touch of illness

Lola and Daisy have both been out for awhile - here's the explanation Lola gave for why she was out, and why Daisy's still out..

[2010/06/10 17:57]  Roderick Vaher looks between the two women, "Are either of you whores?"
[2010/06/10 18:00]  Wyatt Alderton shouts: Grace!
[2010/06/10 18:00]  Roderick Vaher: Oh Miss Lola! Finally... a real lady!
[2010/06/10 18:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at you with a bored look
[2010/06/10 18:02]  Roderick Vaher: Well gee Miss Lola how yee doin'?
[2010/06/10 18:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: I'm overworked on accounta Daisy is laid up with somethin'
[2010/06/10 18:04]  Roderick Vaher: Oh... *goes alittle wide eyed and starts scratching between his pelvic area* It ain't nuthin' that spreads is it? *starts scratching faster*
[2010/06/10 18:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis picks at her teeth and gazes off beyond him, shrugging: I dunno, ya gotta ast her or the doc
[2010/06/10 18:05]  Roderick Vaher: Ah damn... ya knows when I wuz takin' a piddle this mornin' ah thought I had an itch I did....
[2010/06/10 18:06]  Lolaraine McGinnis yawns: "ya don't say...ain't that innerestin"
[2010/06/10 18:07]  Mikki Roxley: Oh hello
[2010/06/10 18:08]  Mikki Roxley: Nice to meet you
[2010/06/10 18:08]  Mikki Roxley: I'm well, and you?
[2010/06/10 18:08]  Mikki Roxley: This place here?
[2010/06/10 18:10]  Roderick Vaher: Well it done itches. *scratches viggorusly*
[2010/06/10 18:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis yawns and slaps at his hand: "Ya ain't supposed ta do that in pubic"
[2010/06/10 18:13]  Roderick Vaher: Well dang! Wut am I gunna do?
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ah dunno, rub up agin a wall in the alley like a decent man
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Gracelyn Alderton: come daisy!
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Wyatt Alderton: Oh it's your friend Lola, dear
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Gracelyn Alderton: I worry if i dont hear her breathing
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Wyatt Alderton: I think she's speaking with a customer
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Roderick Vaher: Ah yer no help!
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Wyatt Alderton: You're lucky you are still breathing, me finding you wandering the street
[2010/06/10 18:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis waves at Rod
[2010/06/10 18:15]  Rod Eun nods ta Lola and Roderick
[2010/06/10 18:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya miss me?
[2010/06/10 18:15]  Roderick Vaher: Eh thar.
[2010/06/10 18:15]  Rod Eun: Look.. there's the Aldertons, with Daisy
[2010/06/10 18:15]  Wyatt Alderton: We can walk by discretely and listen to their conversation dear
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Rod Eun: Yeah, where the hell you been Lola?
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Gracelyn Alderton: oh yes! thats what i was looking for
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Wyatt Alderton: Perhaps we can overhear what they talk about beforehand
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Gracelyn Alderton: ohhhh I hear lola's name, but I dont think she likes me
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Me and Daisy been feelin' a bit ill... we think maybe we got somethin' from that fella we both done
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Wyatt Alderton: I'll walk up and pretend I need to stop, but we can eavesdrop
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Gracelyn Alderton: whistles non challant like
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Rod Eun: Speakin' of wayward girls, that one Fiona was round last night, if you can remember her, she didn't work here too long
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: She still ain't feelin' right but she's a bit better
[2010/06/10 18:16]  Wyatt Alderton: Oh my ankle, it has grownn stiff
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Rod Eun nods to Lola
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Wyatt Alderton stops nonchalantly and stretches his leg
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Gracelyn Alderton: Oh NO!
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Gracelyn Alderton: *whispers* what are they doing?
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Rod Eun: Well, maybe that Fiona can fill in some, if'n she come back gain, she was the one, with the long black hair
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks over at the Aldertons with a rather blank look on her face
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Rod Eun: Ran inta her at the cook house yesterday
[2010/06/10 18:17]  Wyatt Alderton loks around the street nonchalantly
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Rod Eun: So.. Daisy ain't feelin' well? maybe it's somethin' she ate
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Roderick Vaher turns around "Eh that fellar who is full of shit done came back." *waves to Wyatt* "Eh buddy!"
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Rod Eun: She seems ta eat all kinds a stuff
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Gracelyn Alderton: isnt Daisy's coat shiny now, I brushed her today
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Wyatt Alderton: ohhh oh hello there!
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis snickers: "Yeah, I think it were someone we both ate"
[2010/06/10 18:18]  Wyatt Alderton: Don't let us interrupt you talking about, eh, politics
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Wyatt Alderton: We were just .. uh .. admiring the weather
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Rod Eun: Evenin' Aldertons.. *touches his hat
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Wyatt Alderton: We weren't eavesdroppin or anything like that
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Wyatt Alderton: hello there Mr. Eun, Miss Lola
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Rod Eun: Hello Daisy...
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Gracelyn Alderton: *smiles* Hello Lola...uh...um...*blurts* hows business!
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Gracelyn Alderton: uh
[2010/06/10 18:19]  Wyatt Alderton looks over wide eyed at Grace
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Wyatt Alderton: So uh ... yes... great weather
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Roderick Vaher frowns and itches his genitals some more, "Ah think Daisy gave me this... it burns!"
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Gracelyn Alderton: oh is it too hot?
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Rod Eun: Ya don't say.... hmm...
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Wyatt Alderton: Uhhh how about that Republican nomination?
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the Aldertons: "I been overworked on accounta Daisy and me was out sick and I'm back and she still out sick"
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Rod Eun rubs his chin and looks at the dog
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Wyatt Alderton: Oh well we're .. sorry to hear that
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Gracelyn Alderton: thats horrible, im glad your better
[2010/06/10 18:20]  Wyatt Alderton: I wish I could help but .. uh ...
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Wyatt Alderton: That's a lot of burden to carry
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Gracelyn Alderton: i so hate it when it burns, you have to make sure and remove it quickly or it could catch fire
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Gracelyn Alderton: yes, you must have to serve a lot of...drinks
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Wyatt Alderton: Well he means ... I think he means spirtually, dear
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs and looks at Roderick: "Yah, remove it!"
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Gracelyn Alderton: ohhhhh are you a minister?
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Roderick Vaher: Oh I ain't removing it! That's sick.... I need me piddler!
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Wyatt Alderton: Uh yes, well, we all do
[2010/06/10 18:21]  User not online - inventory has been saved.
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Gracelyn Alderton: *frowns and whispers to Wyatt* whats a .....
[2010/06/10 18:21]  Rod Eun: Yep...
[2010/06/10 18:22]  Wyatt Alderton: I'm with you on that one
[2010/06/10 18:22]  Wyatt Alderton whispers in her ear "hahaha changethesubject"
[2010/06/10 18:22]  Wyatt Alderton: Sooooo lots of men coming into town, you must be minting money here
[2010/06/10 18:22]  Roderick Vaher sticks his hand in his pants and itches even faster
[2010/06/10 18:22]  Gracelyn Alderton: *gulps* uh oh
[2010/06/10 18:23]  Rod Eun: Yep.. folks is pourin' in... *glances about the street
[2010/06/10 18:23]  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes: "I'm gettin' kinda sore, wishin' Daisy'd gitup off her arse."
[2010/06/10 18:23]  Rod Eun: Ya run cross any army deserters yet Alderton?
[2010/06/10 18:23]  Roderick Vaher hops from foot to foot, "Oh! God... I think thars puss!"
[2010/06/10 18:24]  Rod Eun: Course... I wouldn't know one, if'n I saw one...
[2010/06/10 18:24]  Rod Eun: What are you yammerin' bout there fella?
[2010/06/10 18:25]  Roderick Vaher: Oh... I gots somthin' from Miss Daisy!! I knows it was from here... she done gave me sores!
[2010/06/10 18:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis yawns: "Nothin' I'm just wore out an' he's wearin' hisself out rubbin' hisself"
[2010/06/10 18:25]  Rod Eun: Ah... uh... I see....
[2010/06/10 18:25]  Roderick Vaher: Them folks left thar dog....
[2010/06/10 18:26]  Rod Eun looks around... "Hmm.. where'd they go?"
[2010/06/10 18:26]  Gracelyn Alderton is Online
[2010/06/10 18:26]  Roderick Vaher: Maybe he got it too?
[2010/06/10 18:26]  Rod Eun: They move right quick, when they want ta
[2010/06/10 18:26]  Rod Eun watches, as Roderick bounces around
[2010/06/10 18:27]  Rod Eun: Yer movin' like a bullfrog on a skillet
[2010/06/10 18:27]  Roderick Vaher: Ah this burns something mighty.
[2010/06/10 18:27]  Rod Eun: I sure don't envy ya
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Rod Eun: Oh..
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Mebbe go stick it in the river, that'd cool it off
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Rod Eun: I heard the Doc give them miners something fer their itch
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Rod Eun: The one's that live cross the way
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Rod Eun: Some kinda ointy mint
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Gracelyn Alderton: puts her cane out in a circle and tries to hit wyatts legs
[2010/06/10 18:28]  Roderick Vaher: Well I seen that thar lady vet for a tooth but ah ain't lettin' her see me tootle.
[2010/06/10 18:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis watches Mrs. Alderton: I think he gone round the back fer a second ma'am
[2010/06/10 18:29]  Rod Eun: Do not trust that lady Vet.. she's touched in the head... could lob your peddler right off.... she's bad news....
[2010/06/10 18:29]  Gracelyn Alderton: oh ...*frowns*
[2010/06/10 18:29]  Rod Eun shakes his head
[2010/06/10 18:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs at Roderick: She cut it off... she do that with animals
[2010/06/10 18:29]  Gracelyn Alderton: listens faking puzzlement
[2010/06/10 18:30]  Rod Eun: I would not let that woman near man ner beast.. *he now nods
[2010/06/10 18:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis turns back toward Mrs. Alderton: Yes'm I think he had to see a man about something *grins*
[2010/06/10 18:30]  Gracelyn Alderton: oh...well...*stands there awkwardly*
[2010/06/10 18:30]  Roderick Vaher: Ah no she ain't cuttin' me pizzle off. Ah's gonna get this cleared up than I gonna come back to see ya Miss Lola. *winks at her*
[2010/06/10 18:30]  Rod Eun: I heard a fancy fella once, call it "Spend a penny" *chuckles a little
[2010/06/10 18:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: If'n he don't come back on accounta.. maybe he ill.... Mister Eun maybe kin see you home
[2010/06/10 18:31]  Rod Eun: Who me?
[2010/06/10 18:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Sometimes them ... conversations... takes a bit
[2010/06/10 18:31]  Gracelyn Alderton: oh well, im sure I can find it..I'm not helpless
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs and makes a face at Rod, motioning toward the woman and covering her own eyes to indicate the woman is blind, then scowls at him
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Roderick Vaher: Ah can show ya home. *grins with his yellow teeth at her his hand still down his pants itching his gentials*

{Mr. Alderton reappears}

[2010/06/10 18:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis talks loud as if the woman is deaf: HERE HE IS!
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Gracelyn Alderton: where could he have...well maybe too much coffee
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Rod Eun looks back at Lola making scrunchy faces and goggly eyes
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Gracelyn Alderton: jumps
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Wyatt Alderton: Right back, darling
[2010/06/10 18:32]  Wyatt Alderton: Thought I saw an advertiser
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Gracelyn Alderton: oh there you are
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Wyatt Alderton looks startled and jumps a bit
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Gracelyn Alderton: looks stunned
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes at Rod
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Wyatt Alderton: yes, yes here I am
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Wyatt Alderton: ahem, where were we?
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Rod Eun: There we are, all's right again...
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Wyatt Alderton: How bout those Republicas...
[2010/06/10 18:33]  Roderick Vaher: Who?
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I hope you ain't caught what Rod got, or what me and Daisy had...
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Wyatt Alderton: Ah, ever mind
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Rod Eun: I ain't caught nothing
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Roderick I mean... *looks at Roderick and then at Rod and then back at Roderick*
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Wyatt Alderton: Well uh .. maybe we should continue our stroll
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Gracelyn Alderton: there must be a bad fever around
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Rod Eun: oh.. *nods to them
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Wyatt Alderton: yes, we're on our way
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods and says loudly: HAVE A NICE WALK THEN
[2010/06/10 18:34]  Wyatt Alderton: nice seeing you all
[2010/06/10 18:35]  Wyatt Alderton: uh, thank you, thank you
[2010/06/10 18:35]  Rod Eun: Evenin' Aldertons... Miss Daisy...
[2010/06/10 18:35]  Gracelyn Alderton: goodby
[2010/06/10 18:35]  Gracelyn Alderton: Daisy?
[2010/06/10 18:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis yawns
[2010/06/10 18:36]  Roderick Vaher looks around and frowns, "Where'd dat lady with the big boosoms go?"
[2010/06/10 18:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at him: Here I am
[2010/06/10 18:37]  Rod Eun: I seen a new barber pole down the street there... wonder if they do teeth as well
[2010/06/10 18:38]  Roderick Vaher: Oh hmph... wonder if'n dey take flake?
[2010/06/10 18:38]  Roderick Vaher: Ah not ya Miss Lola... the other lady.
[2010/06/10 18:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You got a bad tooth there hon?
[2010/06/10 18:38]  Rod Eun: They better.. or they'll not be lastin' long
[2010/06/10 18:38]  Rod Eun: Not yet, but them things is always good ta know
[2010/06/10 18:39]  Rod Eun: most my teeth problems, kin be fixed with a shot a whiskey... *he nods
[2010/06/10 18:40]  Roderick Vaher: Ah wish we'd get a nice Irish ice cream parlor....
[2010/06/10 18:41]  Rod Eun: hmm.. I ain't never seen one of those
[2010/06/10 18:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I recall them *looks a little reflective*
[2010/06/10 18:43]  Roderick Vaher: Ah guess with all this hot weather ah am cravin' somethin' cool an' soothin'.
[2010/06/10 18:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at Roderick: Like me or Daisy?
[2010/06/10 18:44]  Roderick Vaher: Ya ladies know ya'll are my two favorites.
[2010/06/10 18:45]  Crow Runner is Offline
[2010/06/10 18:45]  Rod Eun: I saw some women over to the No 10, when I wandered by.... *frowns a bit, thinking on that Fran
[2010/06/10 18:45]  Rod Eun: That sure seems ta be a frilly place.. guess that's why the army hangs out there
[2010/06/10 18:47]  Roderick Vaher nods and shakes his head
[2010/06/10 18:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ah, she's probably tryhin' to recruit them into the trade *loaughs* remember she wanted to pimp me an' Daisy?
[2010/06/10 18:47]  Roderick Vaher: Ah seen one of them deserters.
[2010/06/10 18:47]  Rod Eun: Yeah, I remember.. she's been nothing but trouble, since you two's been gone
[2010/06/10 18:48]  Rod Eun: You seen a deserter ya say?
[2010/06/10 18:48]  Rod Eun: She's been going round spreadin' lies bout me, I warned her I'd shoot her down next, if'n she kept it up
[2010/06/10 18:49]  Roderick Vaher: Oh ya, he was pannin' in the crick with me.... fellar named.... uh... shit... Donald, said his name was Donald...
[2010/06/10 18:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What do deserters look like? They got a sign on 'em?
[2010/06/10 18:49]  Rod Eun: hmm.. there were a Sergent fella in town the other night, lookin' fer them
[2010/06/10 18:50]  Rod Eun: Yeah, seems like they'd look like everyone else
[2010/06/10 18:51]  Roderick Vaher: Aye look like a regular fellar to me... cept he was still wearin' his issued pants... though they was purdy dirty.
[2010/06/10 18:52]  Rod Eun rubs his chin.. "hmmm.. I rekcon that would be a give away"
[2010/06/10 18:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis raises an eyebrow: "They got special underwear? Me an' Daisy could help out mebbe with that." *grins*
[2010/06/10 18:54]  Rod Eun: maybe they's got army underbritches
[2010/06/10 18:54]  Rod Eun: You'd know better than us Lola
[2010/06/10 18:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods seriously: Me an' Daisy can see, those most often, we don't see much
[2010/06/10 18:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis: *though
[2010/06/10 18:55]  Rod Eun: hmmm....
[2010/06/10 19:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis yawns slightly covering her mouth with her forearm
[2010/06/10 19:04]  Roderick Vaher: Ah Miss Lola, don't tell me jist cause me twanger is on the mend ya done bored with life?
[2010/06/10 19:04]  Rod Eun: She's probably dreamin' on that Fanbridge fella...
[2010/06/10 19:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis watches the woman jumping across the way: Is they drugs around?
[2010/06/10 19:05]  Roderick Vaher: Ah bet she been into the laundum... some house wife who ain't satisfied with her husband's twanger.
[2010/06/10 19:05]  Rod Eun looks for a hoppy women
[2010/06/10 19:06]  Rod Eun: I think I met that lady yesterday.. she seemed normal then...
[2010/06/10 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ah think Fran is handin' out somethin'
[2010/06/10 19:07]  Roderick Vaher: Maybe she is givin' out blow jobs?
[2010/06/10 19:08]  Rod Eun: That miner fella yesterday, said there were a man here, givin' out little bottles of stuff
[2010/06/10 19:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs: Whyn't you go ask? Last time Italked to her, she didn't know what a blow job were
[2010/06/10 19:08]  Rod Eun: uh.. Blitz said that, he was drinkin' on one
[2010/06/10 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Said she dint know where babies come from neither
[2010/06/10 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes
[2010/06/10 19:09]  Roderick Vaher: Hmph
[2010/06/10 19:09]  Rod Eun: She's lucky she ain't had her head blowed off yet.. *frowns
[2010/06/10 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I done my best *laughs*
[2010/06/10 19:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: If'n I'd been sober....

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