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Friday, May 7, 2010

Just as good as anybody else

Me and Daisy got wind of a fancy party going on at the Number 10 Saloon. At first we wasn't going to go, on account of it is run by Fran. Fran is alright sometimes, and other times, Fran is just kind of Fran. Like, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she doesn't know where babies comes from even though she went to college and all, and is a veternarian. but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she knows what a blow job is. We scratches our heads about that, and then looks down ta see if she is pulling legs.

In any case, we weren't going ta go but then we thought, what the fuck? We are just as good as them fancy girls Fran goes about with. They say they ain't whores, even though they run around with they hair all loose which anyone in they right mind knows means you a whore.

So, we dug up our fineries. Daisy looked stunning even though she did not have one dress, she took pieces from a couple and even though there was some stainin' and tears, managed to get it so together.  She painted up real fine, lookin' like royalty, if you ask me, as both purple and red which were the colors from the dresses she used, would be those what royalty uses.  Also, she had  done up her hair and had a plum in it which give the effects of a crown.

Me, I have hid in my trunk this beautious gown and necklace, which if it were known by those from whom I borrowed them where they are, would have me thrown from a train I am certain (which is why I should not want to have the circus come to town as this is from whence I have found these items) which I took out. The dress, a stunning cascade in pinks which compliment my hair quite well. Pink feathers highlight the shoulders, and although anyone who saw it would think there would be no way to improve it further, plucking a few feathers from the arms and adding them to the hair (which I have pinned up) made this dress even more sumptuously spectacular than it started out as.

When we walked in, makin' a grand enter a bit late, mouths dropped and eyes popped.  Them girls were green with envy and them men stumbled all over themselves, yes they did and if anybody says anything different, they are lyin'.

The party was elegant, the liquor flowed freely. I remember Miss Fran playing the fiddle and Daisy dancing upon the bar. Rodger was there, I do have memories of looking up at him from somewhere on the floor, where I recall I was gracefully resting at one point.

Later I heard my gown and I won prize as most beautiful. Miss Fran even said we (my dress and I) appeared as flowers, or some such nonsensical but true words.

I was also told Rodger carried me home - that makes me hopeful that perhaps someday.. dare I hope.. he might rescue me from this life.

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