Daisy and Lola at work

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daisy encounters Cookie

Daisy is sitting on a stool in front of her cabin. A well dressed, small woman, with long, braided red hair rides up on a goat...

[21:19] Daisy Stratten stares
[21:19] Cookie sees ladies' undergarments hanging on a line right out in public and is SHOCKED
[21:19] Daisy Stratten: What the hell are ya doin lady?
[21:20] Daisy Stratten rubs her eyes and scans the street for men
[21:20] Cookie: OH mah HEAVENS
[21:20] Daisy Stratten: Keep that goat away from my drawers, they's from Chicago.
[21:21] Cookie: ah was just noticin the wash line..................
[21:21] Cookie: do NOT cast aspersions on THIS goat Madam
[21:21] Daisy Stratten glances over at it and nods, "Yes, ma'am that's me and Lola's washin'"
[21:22] Cookie: She would NEVER touch washing hung out over the common street!
[21:22] Daisy Stratten looks at the goat and blinks, "My sincere' pologies to yer goat."
[21:22] Cookie: apology accepted madam, on my part, but I can't really speak for my goat
[21:23] Daisy Stratten: Where ya want me to hang it? In the saloon? *spits onthe ground*

The lady moves a few feet away, to the Chop House next door to Daisy's cabin...

[21:23] Cookie: hello PIg
[21:23] Daisy Stratten: Careful that pig does like to nibble on britches...
[21:23] Cookie: well, perhaps BEHIND the buildings might be more appropriate, since you ask
[21:24] Cookie: I am quite famiiar with the actions of pigs madame
[21:24] Cookie: thank you for your warning
[21:24] Daisy Stratten: Some theivin' fucker might steal it i I cain't keep an eye on it, ma'am.
[21:24] Cookie: is it YOUR pig?
[21:24] Daisy Stratten: No ma'am. That's Auntie Bluebird's. Colored gal who runs that there cafe.
[21:25] Cookie: oh I see
[21:25] Cookie: nice pig
[21:25] Daisy Stratten: I jes know he gets a hankerin' fer chewin' on under things *glares at the pig*
[21:26] Daisy Stratten: He ain't long fer this world though. Gonna git 'imself butchers soon.
[21:26] Cookie: since you mentioned it, I can tell you that a lady would find a protected = hidden from male eyes = to hang undergarments
[21:26] Cookie: and does this um Bluebird know of your intentions?
[21:27] Daisy Stratten looks at her underwear and shrugs, "Guess I see it as advertisin' in a way. Lets the fella know what goes on in here" *points behind her at the cabin*
[21:27] Cookie: Take this as a warning, Miss, do NOT molest THIS GOAT
[21:27] Daisy Stratten: Oh ma'am I ain't gonna butcher 'im. Auntie is.
[21:28] Daisy Stratten: I ain't gonna molest nothin' 'less I git paid five dollars first
[21:28] Cookie: ah - well - if it is her pig...............
[21:28] Daisy Stratten: That's my rate
[21:28] Cookie: oh my!
[21:28] Cookie: turns the goat in a huff

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