Daisy and Lola at work

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trial outcomes and French Frogs

Lola and a few others are outside the Cricket talking - Lola is talking to a new married woman in town, Molleh Moleno.  (See the whole post of that fun role play, posted by Molleh on the Deadwood forum!)

[2010/08/09 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: That there is Daisy, we work here
[2010/08/09 19:07]  Molleh Moleno: at the saloon?
[2010/08/09 19:07]  JF Kanto grins....Yep, they do. Daisy was workin real hard just a few minutes ago too.
[2010/08/09 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods looking up at the sign
[2010/08/09 19:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis scowls at JF
[2010/08/09 19:08]  Molleh Moleno wonders what a woman can be doing at man's establishment
[2010/08/09 19:08]  JF Kanto grin just gets bigger at Lolas scowl.
[2010/08/09 19:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis pulls her blouse up a little
[2010/08/09 19:09]  JF Kanto takes his hat off and wipes his brow...Yes sir, that Daisy is one hard worker.
[2010/08/09 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis bites her lips, chewing on them hard
[2010/08/09 19:09]  Molleh Moleno thinks she should go back to her room right away and pray for her husband's return but is too curious to hear more..
[2010/08/09 19:10]  JF Kanto: Hey Red, wheres that ugly mick that has been sniffing around you?
[2010/08/09 19:10]  Molleh Moleno: yes I'm sure you all work very hard here and i'm taking your time...I thank you for answering my question...
[2010/08/09 19:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis glances sideways at JF, her face turning a few shades of pink
[2010/08/09 19:11]  Molleh Moleno: I"m going to my room and pray for my husband's safe return...
[2010/08/09 19:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ain't no ugly micks round here that I seen
[2010/08/09 19:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You do that hon
[2010/08/09 19:11]  JF Kanto grins at Molleh....anytime Ma'am.
[2010/08/09 19:11]  Molleh Moleno has a hard time with the new expressions but thinks it's not something she should understand anyhow
[2010/08/09 19:11]  JF Kanto: Oh sure there is Red. You know the fella, the one I put bullet into.
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Molleh Moleno: i bid you all a good evening ladies and gent
[2010/08/09 19:12]  JF Kanto: Night Ma'am
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis glares at JF and sticks her chin out: Don't know who ya mean
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Molleh Moleno wants to run but her high heels are stuck in the mud
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at Rog: hey hon
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Molleh Moleno: mr. Rog!!!
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Rog Brinner: Evening, Ladies
[2010/08/09 19:12]  Molleh Moleno: so good to see you here again!
[2010/08/09 19:12]  JF Kanto laughs....Sure, sure. Just tell that son of a bitch I want to talk to him.
[2010/08/09 19:13]  Rog Brinner: Which SOB we talking about
[2010/08/09 19:13]  Molleh Moleno: I am on my way to my room Rog
[2010/08/09 19:13]  Rog Brinner: bye
[2010/08/09 19:13]  JF Kanto: That ugly mick, Donny, Donald or something like that.
[2010/08/09 19:13]  Rog Brinner: So, what happened to that other guy you shot, McCabe?
[2010/08/09 19:13]  Molleh Moleno whispers to Rog...I shouldn't have asked these people for help...i'm so flustered now...
[2010/08/09 19:13]  Lolaraine McGinnis bites her lip some more
[2010/08/09 19:14]  Rog Brinner: 'scuse me
[2010/08/09 19:14]  JF Kanto nods to Rog....you mean that Jack McCall fella?
[2010/08/09 19:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at Rog: What for?
[2010/08/09 19:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh. you missed the trial
[2010/08/09 19:14]  Rog Brinner: Oh yeah, McCall
[2010/08/09 19:14]  JF Kanto: You mean they done hung the bastard?
[2010/08/09 19:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They let him off
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Rog Brinner: LET HIM OFF???
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Not guilty, that's what them jurors said..
[2010/08/09 19:15]  JF Kanto jaw drops, then he snaps it shut...
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Rog Brinner: What jurors?
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: that lady there, she were one of the jurors come ta think of it
[2010/08/09 19:15]  JF Kanto: Well I will be goddamed.
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I known I seen her somewhere
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: An' I think her husband was one too
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Rog Brinner: How could they let him off? We only had about a hundred witnesses
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Our pianist was there too
[2010/08/09 19:15]  JF Kanto: But I seen the bastard do it.
[2010/08/09 19:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I dunno but they all gonna git shot
[2010/08/09 19:16]  JF Kanto: Who else was on that jury?
[2010/08/09 19:16]  Rog Brinner: was Jane there?
[2010/08/09 19:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: For a bit, but she left
[2010/08/09 19:16]  Daisy Stratten: Heya Rog
[2010/08/09 19:16]  Rog Brinner: I figgered she'd just blast him
[2010/08/09 19:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: She woulda shot him if she'd heard
[2010/08/09 19:16]  Rog Brinner: Hi Daisy
[2010/08/09 19:16]  JF Kanto winks at Daisy
[2010/08/09 19:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Boggy were on the jury
[2010/08/09 19:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis: couple others I dint know
[2010/08/09 19:17]  JF Kanto: Boggy? and he voted to let him go?
[2010/08/09 19:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I dunno they dint say who voted what
[2010/08/09 19:17]  Rog Brinner: Did somebody defend him?
[2010/08/09 19:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis: majority ruled, so .. all it took would be 4 yes
[2010/08/09 19:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh hell ya, old Zeke
[2010/08/09 19:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis: The defense were that Bill shot this guy's brother
[2010/08/09 19:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis: so he were seekin' revenge, that were his reason
[2010/08/09 19:18]  Rog Brinner: If he did, he probaly had a good reason
[2010/08/09 19:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Such as it were.. I near about threw up.. I had ta leave
[2010/08/09 19:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh Mrs. Lockmort,she were on the jury too
[2010/08/09 19:19]  JF Kanto shakes his head.....still to shoot a man in the back of the head like that.
[2010/08/09 19:19]  Rog Brinner: So ... they turned him loose?
[2010/08/09 19:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They din't call but one witness.. I were there, I seen it, I woulda said somethin'.. but. .Rod done good,he were the primary witness
[2010/08/09 19:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They told him git outta town
[2010/08/09 19:20]  Lolaraine McGinnis: figger if he stays, someone gonna string him up or shoot im
[2010/08/09 19:20]  Daisy Stratten fiddles withher belt buckle as she listens
[2010/08/09 19:20]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hell, maybe someone already did
[2010/08/09 19:20]  JF Kanto curses under his breath.
[2010/08/09 19:20]  Rog Brinner: nice belt ya got there, Daisy
[2010/08/09 19:20]  Boggy Darkmatter: howdy all
[2010/08/09 19:21]  JF Kanto looks hard at Boggy
[2010/08/09 19:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Howdy... I was just fillin' these folks in on the trial
[2010/08/09 19:21]  Boggy Darkmatter: oh I see
[2010/08/09 19:21]  JF Kanto: Heard you was on the jury there Boggy.
[2010/08/09 19:21]  Rog Brinner: Boggy! Why the hell did they turn that guy loose?
[2010/08/09 19:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Any of the jurors been shot yet?
[2010/08/09 19:21]  Boggy Darkmatter: it was a sham it was
[2010/08/09 19:21]  Boggy Darkmatter: I voted guilty but I was in the minority
[2010/08/09 19:22]  JF Kanto nods at Boggys words....That it was.
[2010/08/09 19:22]  Boggy Darkmatter: it pissed me off real bad
[2010/08/09 19:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What the hell was them jurors thinking?
[2010/08/09 19:22]  JF Kanto mutters....I need a drink.
[2010/08/09 19:22]  Rog Brinner: Did somebody buy 'em off?
[2010/08/09 19:22]  Boggy Darkmatter: I had to just get out of town for a while
[2010/08/09 19:22]  JF Kanto stomps off toward his cabin
[2010/08/09 19:22]  Daisy Stratten stares at her feet as she walks away
[2010/08/09 19:24]  Boggy Darkmatter: did not add up if you ask me
[2010/08/09 19:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis eyes Boggy: Ya know, someone like Jane, she might shoot all the jurors if she cain't git Jack
[2010/08/09 19:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis: a little alcohol *shrugs*
[2010/08/09 19:25]  Boggy Darkmatter: I am not worried I said he was guilty and stand by it to anyone
[2010/08/09 19:25]  Rog Brinner: You got any idea why they didn't want to hang him, Boggy?
[2010/08/09 19:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: If'n Jane believes ya
[2010/08/09 19:26]  Boggy Darkmatter: not really they all said it was on acount of his brother, but like I said he shot him in the back
[2010/08/09 19:26]  Boggy Darkmatter: guilty
[2010/08/09 19:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis: back of the *head*
[2010/08/09 19:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I seen it, I were right there
[2010/08/09 19:27]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I just served them drinks, not a minute before it happened
[2010/08/09 19:27]  Daisy Stratten: I wouldn't want to face Wild Bill in a fair fight *shrugs*
[2010/08/09 19:27]  Meriwether Runningbear tips his hat and nods to the ladies
[2010/08/09 19:28]  Rog Brinner: no. Well that guy's gonna be a marked man
[2010/08/09 19:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at Meri: Hey hon
[2010/08/09 19:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We ain't seen ya in a bit, how ya been?
[2010/08/09 19:28]  Meriwether Runningbear: How do, Miss Lola
[2010/08/09 19:28]  Meriwether Runningbear: Been on a business trip to St. Louis
[2010/08/09 19:28]  Rog Brinner: See y'all later
[2010/08/09 19:29]  Meriwether Runningbear: I hear I missed some mighty big fireworks...
[2010/08/09 19:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You mean fireworks, or Wild Bill gettin' shot and all?
[2010/08/09 19:30]  Meriwether Runningbear: yeah...Wild bill gettin' shot...pretty big fireworks if ya ask me...
[2010/08/09 19:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Sure were, we was just talkin' about how they let that killin' animal go free
[2010/08/09 19:30]  Boggy Darkmatter: shakes his head
[2010/08/09 19:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods toward Boggy: Boggy here was on the jury
[2010/08/09 19:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He knows what all happened inside
[2010/08/09 19:32]  Meriwether Runningbear: Well, some folk can get their minds twisted around facts upside down and backwards sometimes...
[2010/08/09 19:33]  Boggy Darkmatter: it was not a good thing
[2010/08/09 19:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Was they drinkin' heavy Boggy?
[2010/08/09 19:33]  Boggy Darkmatter: nope
[2010/08/09 19:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis: or was they just stupid?
[2010/08/09 19:33]  Crow Runner is Offline
[2010/08/09 19:33]  Boggy Darkmatter: stupid I guess
[2010/08/09 19:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You best let Miss Trixie know how ya voted
[2010/08/09 19:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: She looked all upset, come in with her gun out
[2010/08/09 19:34]  Boggy Darkmatter: they all thought because of the brother and Bill being a shotest that it was ok
[2010/08/09 19:34]  Daisy Stratten: She had a gun out?
[2010/08/09 19:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: After the verdict
[2010/08/09 19:34]  Boggy Darkmatter: where is Trixie
[2010/08/09 19:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: Hell if I know
[2010/08/09 19:35]  Daisy Stratten: What the fuck does she care? Ain't like she was friends with the man
[2010/08/09 19:35]  Boggy Darkmatter: she should know how I voted
[2010/08/09 19:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He a good lookin' man .. and it were in her saloon
[2010/08/09 19:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Them French is all hot tempered
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Boggy Darkmatter: not that I really care I guess but to set the record straight
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Maybe he was doin' her
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Boggy Darkmatter: smiles
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hell Boggy, you don't want her shootin' ya
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Course maybe she's calmed down by now
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Boggy Darkmatter: hell no I don't
[2010/08/09 19:36]  Daisy Stratten: Just seems like she's taken it a little too personal
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: Them French is intense
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They eat frogs,ya know
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: That makes ya intense
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Boggy Darkmatter: laughs
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis shudders
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Meriwether Runningbear grins...aint' nothing wrong with a good mess 'a frog laigs now Lola...
[2010/08/09 19:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't they leap round in yer belly ?
[2010/08/09 19:38]  Daisy Stratten: That Benoit fella told me he eats 'em *grimaces*
[2010/08/09 19:38]  Boggy Darkmatter: the leaping legs I like aint on no frogs
[2010/08/09 19:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs at Boggy
[2010/08/09 19:38]  Meriwether Runningbear: Nah, once ya cut off'n that frogs hips and fry 'em like a piece a chicken...ain't much finer...
[2010/08/09 19:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Gotta fry a lotta frogs to make up a good chunk a chicken
[2010/08/09 19:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Say..... *turns a little green* she got that stuff on her counter, I thought it were chicken
[2010/08/09 19:39]  Meriwether Runningbear: it's a real white meat...
[2010/08/09 19:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks around a bit horrified; Ya think that ain't chicken?
[2010/08/09 19:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Maybe I been eatin..... frogs...
[2010/08/09 19:40]  Daisy Stratten: aww hell
[2010/08/09 19:40]  Lolaraine McGinnis covers her mouth with her hands and makes a little wretching noise
[2010/08/09 19:40]  Boggy Darkmatter: I think there is more chicken than frogs in these parts miss Lola
[2010/08/09 19:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head dry heaving a little: I seen frogs in the river
[2010/08/09 19:41]  Boggy Darkmatter: why so quiet miss Daisy?
[2010/08/09 19:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis: 'scuse me a second
[2010/08/09 19:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis covers her mouth and runs to the outhouse
[2010/08/09 19:41]  Daisy Stratten looks at Lola a moment, "Oh no reaso, hon."

That's what friends are for...

Daisy is in her usual spot outside the Cricket - it's a hot day, the windows are open.  Lola is inside and can hear the talk as JF steps up.

JF Kanto stops, smiling slightly....Hello there Daisy.
Daisy Stratten lets out a barely audible, "Fuuuuuuck."
Daisy Stratten: Heya Mr Kanto
JF Kanto: Hows busniness?
Daisy Stratten: Real good. 'cept in this heat most fellas ain't in the mood
JF Kanto chuckles....Well, some ain't and some are I reckon.
Daisy Stratten nods and looks over her shoulder through the window
JF Kanto tries to peer thru the windows.....So where has Lola been keeping herself?

(Inside, Lola  slides down behind the piano)

Daisy Stratten: Oh ya know how she is, just up and disappears all the time
Daisy Stratten: I ain't seen 'er in days...*bites her lower lip*

Lolaraine McGinnis gets down on her hands and knees and crawls behind the bar

Daisy Stratten looks down at her feet and fidgets uneasily
JF Kanto grunts....In days heh? I reckon your whoremaster isnt all that happy with her then.
Daisy Stratten: Aw well she makes up for it....and we have new gals too
Daisy Stratten: Uh...well...he's old ya know..

Lolaraine McGinnis looks over the counter, trying to see if Kanto is still out there  
JF Kanto puts his hand behind his back....Say where is that ugly mick that was hangin around?
Daisy Stratten: Hell he went missin' a while back...prolly drunk in the hills with his boyos as he calls 'em
Daisy Stratten nods several times, feeling more confident as she lies
JF Kanto nods slightly....Yeah, sounds about right for an irish bastard.
Daisy Stratten: How 'bout you? Keepin' busy?
JF Kanto looks at Daisy speculatively........Oh, you know. Picking up a job here and there.
Daisy Stratten averts her eyes and bounces her foor nervously
JF Kanto: Daisy, you sure you aint seen Red around?

Lolaraine McGinnis curses under her breath, shifting on her knees

Daisy Stratten: Oh 'course not...I mean, I'd tell ya if I had

Lolaraine McGinnis eyes the distance from the counter to the back room and contemplates

JF Kanto rubs his chin....Yeah, I suppose you would. You know, I get right upset when my friends lie to me Daisy. And I consider you a friend.
Daisy Stratten blinks several times as she flushes pink in the face, "That's nice of ya to say....that we're friends...oh have you seen the new beer hall? Across the street? *points*
JF Kanto takes a cigar from his vest pocket along with a lucifer. Striking the match to life, he lit the cigar, the whole time keeping his eyes focused on Daisy.
Daisy Stratten: You should go look in the windows...they have...uh...women
JF Kanto glances over his shoulder.....I seen they was going to open. I just might pay them a visit.
Daisy Stratten: Oh ya should. I heard it was real nice
JF Kanto considers....But you know, us being friends and all, I dont feel right taking my business somewheres else.
Daisy Stratten reaches up and wipes her brow with her hand, and swallowa hard, "That's kinda of ya....real kind."

Lolaraine McGinnis reaches around under the counter and finds a half empty whiskey bottle

JF Kanto nods....I knew you would feel that a way.
JF Kanto: Why dont we go on inside. I will buy ya a drink or three.

Lolaraine McGinnis opens the bottle quietly with her teeth, spits the top out and takes a swig

Daisy Stratten: Sure hon...*squints her eyes shut as she turns to open the door*

Lolaraine McGinnis freezes as she hears the door opening

JF Kanto tilts his head.....Door locked?
Daisy Stratten: Uh....

[Note:  At this point, it was found that the door really was locked - some glitch that had to be fixed by the sim owner - could have just rp'd opening the door but decided to work this into the role play, a little improv!]

Lolaraine McGinnis smirks a little
Lolaraine McGinnis looks over to see if the chair she wedged behind the door is still holding

Daisy Stratten rattles the knob and tried to shoulder the door open
Daisy Stratten: Well hell
Daisy Stratten: Looks like it's stuck *shrugs*
JF Kanto: Huh...
JF Kanto: Looks like the owner done closed up. Pity.
Daisy Stratten: Heh heh, didn't even tell me....
JF Kanto: Never mind then.
JF Kanto: But you let Red know I was askin for her wont you?
Daisy Stratten: Well uh, you try the 10, hon. Git a drink there *nods*
JF Kanto looks down the street
Daisy Stratten smiles sweetly and smoothes her hair
JF Kanto looks thru the window
JF Kanto lifts the window and climbs in

Lolaraine McGinnis curses

Daisy Stratten: Aww hell
JF Kanto grins...well look it here.
JF Kanto pushes the door chair away.....Somebody blocked the door with a chair. Wonder who?
JF Kanto: Climb on in thru the window Daisy.
Daisy Stratten curses and hikes up her skirt to climb in
JF Kanto ambles over to the bar...

Lolaraine McGinnis holds her breath

JF Kanto looks back toward Daisy grinning at her exposed legs as she climbs in.

Lolaraine McGinnis holds her fingers to her lips and motions Daisy

JF Kanto: Daisy, you got a nicely shaped ankle.

Lolaraine McGinnis scrunches down more

Daisy Stratten grabs a bottle and a glass, setting them next to each other, "Awww thanks hon" *glances at Lola quickly and then away*
JF Kanto gives Daisy a questioning look.....wheres your glass?
Daisy Stratten winks as she pulls out a nother glass, then uncorks the bottle with her teeth, she pours two full glasses and smiles
Daisy Stratten: There we go...
JF Kanto pulls out pouch of gold dust and gives her two big pinches....There ya are.

Lolaraine McGinnis grimaces slightly as her ankle twists a little

Daisy Stratten flips her hair over her shoulder and licks her lips, "Ya know, hon. we ain't ever been in the back together." *nods several times*
Daisy Stratten takes up the gold dust and places it in a small drawer attached to the scale
JF Kanto grins....Ya know your right Daisy. And I do have the inclination. but it is just so goddamed hot.

Lolaraine McGinnis frowns

JF Kanto sips the whiskey, his eyes on Daisy the whole time.
Daisy Stratten: Are ya sure hon? It'd be real fun *tugs her shirt straps lower*
JF Kanto eyes brighten up....You are a temptress aren't you?

Lolaraine McGinnis rocks slightly, her eyes tearing up as her legs cramp

Daisy Stratten: Well, The Cricket ain't know for its shy gals
JF Kanto laughs
Daisy Stratten: Ya know it is too damn hot to be drinkin' inside, out front we git a good breeze
JF Kanto: Yeah, but then we gotta climb thru that damn window again.

Lolaraine McGinnis's eyes linger on the shotgun under the counter

JF Kanto leans on the bar....
Daisy Stratten refills her own glass and offers to pour more for Kanto

Lolaraine McGinnis leans back close to the counter

JF Kanto nods...sure, sure.
Lolaraine McGinnis tries to push herself into the shelving
Daisy Stratten tugs the front of her shirt even lower and trails a finger over the tops of her breasts as she pours his drink
JF Kanto: Ya know Daisy, I just might take ya up on the back room

Lolaraine McGinnis tugs on Daisy's skirt

Daisy Stratten: There ya go, hon.*nods and looks down at the floor as Lola tugsat her skirt* We'll go on in the back...

Lolaraine McGinnis mouths: I owe ya

JF Kanto: Aint no hurry Daisy.
JF Kanto: Whats your prices?
Daisy Stratten: Oh well, two fer hand, three fer mouth, five fer regular.
Lolaraine McGinnis digs in her blouse and pulls out one of the gold chunks Rog had given her, holding it in her hand palm up to Daisy

JF Kanto: two fer hand? damned expensive, just to get your ashes hauled.
Lolaraine McGinnis looks up at Daisy and mouths "do it for free"
Daisy Stratten with her hand below the bar, waves her hand at Lola, refusing the gold

Lolaraine McGinnis sighs

Daisy Stratten: Ya know hon, I heard you was the one who captured Wild Bill's killer....
Daisy Stratten: It....it....it'd be an honor for me to give it to ya on the house
Daisy Stratten blinks several times and exhales slowly
JF Kanto tilts his head.......on the house?

Lolaraine McGinnis clasps her hands and looks hopeful

Daisy Stratten: Uh uh....I mean yer a hero, ain't ya?
JF Kanto eyes narrow as he studies Daisy....but a whore offerin for free services?

Lolaraine McGinnis chews on her lower lip

Daisy Stratten: Zeke gave away a ton of whiskey to Wild Bill for bein' a hero...ain't no thing to offer a little free pussy....fer a hero.

Lolaraine McGinnis nods in agreement and tries to take a swig from the bottle

JF Kanto rubs his chin as he thinks, then nods once...alright, done and done.
JF Kanto: come on from behind there pretty thing.

Lolaraine McGinnis lets out a sigh of relief louder than she intended

Daisy Stratten: Good..good..this is good...
JF Kanto starts to walk around to the end of the bar.

Lolaraine McGinnis crawls to the other end

Daisy Stratten moves to take kanto by the arm and hustle him into the back
JF Kanto looks down at Daisy....Dont you worry. I aint mean like Larsson.
Daisy Stratten: That's right nice to hear, hon

Lolaraine McGinnis waits for the door to close and then runs for the window

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Czech men, Number 10, Rog tends bar

[2010/08/05 16:52]  Lubomir Strazytski steps up close to Lola and breathes on her
[2010/08/05 16:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles thinly: Hello fellas
[2010/08/05 16:52]  Milos Valimedzic winks and cups his hands over his own chest as he mimics jiggling
[2010/08/05 16:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis sighs and nods, then jiggles her breasts at him: "You like?"
[2010/08/05 16:53]  Lubomir Strazytski's eyes pop open
[2010/08/05 16:53]  Milos Valimedzic nods his head several times as he licks his chapped lips
[2010/08/05 16:54]  Lubomir Strazytski turns to Milo and points at Lola's bosoms, chattering something enthusiastically
[2010/08/05 16:55]  Lubomir Strazytski: Mám rád tenhle
[2010/08/05 16:56]  Milos Valimedzic feels around in his pockets for money, eyes fixed on the woman's chest
[2010/08/05 16:56]  Lubomir Strazytski frowns at Milos and pulls out his pouch of gold
[2010/08/05 16:57]  Lubomir Strazytski: Byl jsem tu první , já půjdu první !
[2010/08/05 16:57]  Milos Valimedzic: Ona je velmi pěkný. Chci se dotknout
[2010/08/05 16:57]  Milos Valimedzic: Ty vždycky na prvním místě!!
[2010/08/05 16:57]  Milos Valimedzic frowns
[2010/08/05 16:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles a little: Now boys, plenty ta go around
[2010/08/05 16:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We got Pearl and Coco and others in side *nods toward the back*
[2010/08/05 16:58]  Milos Valimedzic: Fajn, ale nenechávejte nepořádek. *looks at Lubo and gestures for him to go first*
[2010/08/05 16:59]  Lubomir Strazytski nods: Udělal jsem už jí chci tenhle
[2010/08/05 16:59]  Lubomir Strazytski roughly grabs Lola's arm and starts for the door
[2010/08/05 16:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns: Take it easy hon
[2010/08/05 17:00]  Milos Valimedzic: Měli jsme Pearl a Coco mnohokrát. My si teď
[2010/08/05 17:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Come on in, have some whiskey
[2010/08/05 17:00]  Milos Valimedzic: Lubo, můžu poslouchat?
[2010/08/05 17:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis makes a motiom like drinking
[2010/08/05 17:00]  Milos Valimedzic nods his head and grins
[2010/08/05 17:01]  Milos Valimedzic looks around and adjusts himself
[2010/08/05 17:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis pours some drinks and slides them on the counter
[2010/08/05 17:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at Lubo and waves him over: Come on big fella
[2010/08/05 17:02]  Lubomir Strazytski heads for the backroom
[2010/08/05 17:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes
[2010/08/05 17:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ok, we go now *nods*
[2010/08/05 17:02]  Milos Valimedzic: Myslíte si, aby to v zadku? *points to her backside and leers*
[2010/08/05 17:03]  Lubomir Strazytski: Peecha
[2010/08/05 17:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis grabs a drink and takes a swig
[2010/08/05 17:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis sighs and forces a smile at Milo: Go find Pearl, yes?
[2010/08/05 17:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods at Lubo: Yeah hon, Pevo or whatever
[2010/08/05 17:05]  Milos Valimedzic uses his hands to make a round shape as he puffs out his cheeks, "Pearl."
[2010/08/05 17:05]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods and smiles, heading for the back: Yeah hon, Pearl back here *points*
[2010/08/05 17:05]  Lolaraine McGinnis shouts out: "Pearl, customer!"
[2010/08/05 17:06]  Milos Valimedzic: Ne, ne, ne. Příliš tuku!
[2010/08/05 17:06]  Milos Valimedzic stares at Pearl and frowns
[2010/08/05 17:06]  Lolaraine McGinnis holds out her hand: First the money, hon
[2010/08/05 17:07]  Lubomir Strazytski unbuckles his overalls and clambers on
[2010/08/05 17:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis pushes him back and says sternly: Money! Gold!
[2010/08/05 17:07]  Lubomir Strazytski frowns and then grunts, pulling some gold out and handing it to her
[2010/08/05 17:08]  Milos Valimedzic: Mám rád malá žena. Malé ženy s velkými prsy. Jste k ničemu. *frowns again as he slowly unfastens his pants and steps toward Pearl*
[2010/08/05 17:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis sighs and pulls her skirt up: Go to it hon
[2010/08/05 17:09]  Lubomir Strazytski grins and goes to it
[2010/08/05 17:09]  Milos Valimedzic crawls on top and begins, he pauses a moment and then continutes with more enthusiasm, "Hej, to není tak zlé!"
[2010/08/05 17:10]  Lubomir Strazytski grunts and moans, pulling at her blouse: Líbí se ti tahle ano ?
[2010/08/05 17:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis closes her eyes and grits her teeth, muttering: You good honey uh huh
[2010/08/05 17:11]  Milos Valimedzic: Ahhh se vám líbí Milos, ano? Já jsem nejlepší!
[2010/08/05 17:11]  Lubomir Strazytski presses his face toward hers, puckering his lips
[2010/08/05 17:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head side to side: NO! No kiss!
[2010/08/05 17:12]  Milos Valimedzic ignores the shouting of the woman and continues with Pearl
[2010/08/05 17:12]  Lubomir Strazytski pauses: Kiss? Polibek? ne Polibek Lubo?
[2010/08/05 17:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis: No .. No Polibek...
[2010/08/05 17:13]  Lubomir Strazytski pulls out his gold pouch and offers Lola another chunk of gold: Polibek?
[2010/08/05 17:13]  Milos Valimedzic: Nabídka více zlata!
[2010/08/05 17:13]  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head: NO! No Polibek. Just.. come on, finish *slaps his behind* Povo or whatever
[2010/08/05 17:13]  Milos Valimedzic finishes with a shudder and rolls off of Pearl. He adjusts his clothing and runs a hand throw his hair.
[2010/08/05 17:14]  Lubomir Strazytski: Povo? *looks confused*
[2010/08/05 17:14]  Milos Valimedzic: Děkuju. Děkujeme vám velké lady *smiles and nods*
[2010/08/05 17:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis moves her pelvis: Uh. whatever.. fuck yes?
[2010/08/05 17:15]  Lubomir Strazytski grins: Ahhhh ano, fuck...*grins* Kurva
[2010/08/05 17:16]  Milos Valimedzic bangs with his fist on the doorway of Lubo's room, "Pospěšte si s tím kurva! Chci jít znovu! Dejte jí zkusit.!"
[2010/08/05 17:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis grits her teeth: Kurva then.. come'on, Lubo Kurva Lola
[2010/08/05 17:16]  Lubomir Strazytski grins and makes his movements
[2010/08/05 17:18]  Lubomir Strazytski shouts to Milos: Drž hubu , dostanu peníze . . . Vezmu si svůj čas pro potěšení !
[2010/08/05 17:18]  Lubomir Strazytski grunts and moans
[2010/08/05 17:19]  Milos Valimedzic: Chci hodně žen. Mnoho žen. Chci šukat všechny
[2010/08/05 17:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis grips the side of the bed and sighs
[2010/08/05 17:20]  Lubomir Strazytski grunts some more and shouts to Milo: Až skončím , bude mít nic pro tebe !
[2010/08/05 17:20]  Milos Valimedzic splashes about in the wash basin, and pulls a face as he looks at his reflection in the water
[2010/08/05 17:21]  Milos Valimedzic: Budu ji mít zadek!
[2010/08/05 17:22]  Lubomir Strazytski pants in Lola's ear: Líbí se ti ano ? Tohle je nejlepší sex jste někdy předtím ? Chceš víc , ano ? Jste ochoten zaplatit , myslím , že !
[2010/08/05 17:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis turns her head away from his breath and nods to whatever he said
[2010/08/05 17:22]  Milos Valimedzic finishes washing and heads out for a beer
[2010/08/05 17:23]  Lubomir Strazytski moves faster and then yells loudly: Ok , jsem připraven , je čas , tak jsem tady teď ano ano ano !
[2010/08/05 17:23]  Lubomir Strazytski collapses his full weight onto her
[2010/08/05 17:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis shudders a little and then counts quickly to ten
[2010/08/05 17:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis pushes herself out from under the man, sitting up and pushing her hair back: "Very good hon"
[2010/08/05 17:25]  Lubomir Strazytski rolls over and tucks himself in, grinning with pleasure as he nods: Dobře ano ? lubo je nejlepší ! Vrátím se brzy !
[2010/08/05 17:25]  Lubomir Strazytski leers at her
[2010/08/05 17:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods and smiles: Uh huh, sure hon, whatever
[2010/08/05 17:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis rushes out to wash up
[2010/08/05 17:27]  Milos Valimedzic: Lubo!
[2010/08/05 17:27]  Lubomir Strazytski slaps Lola on the ass as he passes, grinning
[2010/08/05 17:27]  Lubomir Strazytski: Gut gurl
[2010/08/05 17:28]  Milos Valimedzic: Ahhhhhh! *grins as Lubo emerges* Lubo, můj přítel. Dal jste jí dobře, ano?
[2010/08/05 17:28]  Lubomir Strazytski grins and nods: Ano
[2010/08/05 17:29]  Milos Valimedzic: Guut puussay?
[2010/08/05 17:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis scrubs herself thoughly
[2010/08/05 17:29]  Lubomir Strazytski grins and nods: Ano, gutt
[2010/08/05 17:29]  Lubomir Strazytski nods to the man
[2010/08/05 17:29]  Rog Brinner: gents
[2010/08/05 17:29]  Milos Valimedzic: Dobrý den, pane. *smiles at the man*
[2010/08/05 17:30]  Rog Brinner pours himself some whiskey
[2010/08/05 17:30]  Lubomir Strazytski: Jak se máš ?
[2010/08/05 17:30]  Rog Brinner: soory pal. No got the lingo
[2010/08/05 17:30]  Milos Valimedzic points to Brinner and thrusts his hips, then points to the back room, "Guut pussay."
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Rog Brinner takes another sip
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Milos Valimedzic: Vere vooman? Ahh! vooman!
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis steps out looking a little pale
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Rog Brinner: evening, Lola
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Milos Valimedzic pats Lubo on the back as he sees the woman's expression
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at Rog: Evenin' hon *smiles weakly at the two men* Whiskey boys? *points to the whiskey and then to them
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Rog Brinner: hope you don't mind. Helped myself
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh that's just fine hon
[2010/08/05 17:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I dunno where Ron is
[2010/08/05 17:32]  Rog Brinner: you OK, Lola?
[2010/08/05 17:32]  Milos Valimedzic: Dobrá práce, Lubo. Dobrá práce. *nods*
[2010/08/05 17:32]  Lubomir Strazytski leers at Lola: Ano, shiskey
[2010/08/05 17:32]  Lubomir Strazytski: *whiskey
[2010/08/05 17:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to Rog: sure, just another work day
[2010/08/05 17:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis pours the drinks for the two men
[2010/08/05 17:33]  Milos Valimedzic: Je to můj zase? *points at the woman and then his crotch*
[2010/08/05 17:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head to Milo: No hon, Lola done
[2010/08/05 17:33]  Lubomir Strazytski smirks at Milos
[2010/08/05 17:34]  Lubomir Strazytski: Říkal jsem ti !
[2010/08/05 17:34]  Milos Valimedzic narrows his eyes and sets his glass down hard
[2010/08/05 17:34]  Rog Brinner: you figured out where these gents are from, Lola?
[2010/08/05 17:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I heard tell they are Bohemians.. or some such thing
[2010/08/05 17:35]  Milos Valimedzic: Jak může kurva říct ne? Jestli se bude Seru na vás, proč ne já?
[2010/08/05 17:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Can't make head nor tail outta what they say
[2010/08/05 17:36]  Rog Brinner: must be tough to get along with no English
[2010/08/05 17:37]  Lubomir Strazytski puts his hand on Milos arm: Nech ji na pokoji - skončí poté , co mi může udělat více
[2010/08/05 17:37]  Milos Valimedzic: Hloupá coura, neví, její místo *spits out his words, angry*
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Milos Valimedzic nods at Lubo, and relaxes, "ano, ano."
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Lubomir Strazytski says sharply: Měl jsi Pearl , to stačí . Zastavit
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Lubomir Strazytski nods
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis watches the two a little uneasily
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Milos Valimedzic: Ano, ano. Budu hodný chlapec.
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Lubomir Strazytski accepted your inventory offer.
[2010/08/05 17:38]  Rog Brinner lays a gold nugget on teh bar
[2010/08/05 17:39]  Milos Valimedzic lifts his face and smiles, "Pivo!"
[2010/08/05 17:39]  Rog Brinner: can I get a few minutes of your time, Lola?
[2010/08/05 17:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Sure hon, let me just clean up a bit
[2010/08/05 17:39]  Lubomir Strazytski: Pojď jdeme vařit večeři
[2010/08/05 17:39]  Milos Valimedzic looks at the gold piece on the bar and then the man who set it out
[2010/08/05 17:40]  Lubomir Strazytski nods to Lola, placing his glass on the counter
[2010/08/05 17:40]  Lubomir Strazytski: Guttt efffennnink Lola
[2010/08/05 17:40]  Milos Valimedzic: Já jsem hlad *nods and pats his stomacn*
[2010/08/05 17:40]  Lubomir Strazytski nods to Milos and heads for the door
[2010/08/05 17:41]  Milos Valimedzic: Guut niieet
[2010/08/05 17:41]  Lubomir Strazytski nods to th eman
[2010/08/05 17:41]  Rog Brinner pours himself another
[2010/08/05 17:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What can I do for ya hon?
[2010/08/05 17:42]  Rog Brinner: nuthin, Lola. Just thought you might need a break. You look a little pale
[2010/08/05 17:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles: Preciate it.. that one had a lotta energy is all
[2010/08/05 17:43]  Rog Brinner: they ain't mean, are they?
[2010/08/05 17:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw, no, they ain't too bright but they alright
[2010/08/05 17:43]  Rog Brinner: that's good. Sounds like they're trying to pick up some English
[2010/08/05 17:44]  Rog Brinner: ya know, I used to be a barman
[2010/08/05 17:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Yeah, they like to say.. certain English words *smiles a little*
[2010/08/05 17:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Evidently they ain't allowed in the Number 10 no more so we can expec tmore of 'im in here, lucky us
[2010/08/05 17:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You tended over there, didn't ya?
[2010/08/05 17:45]  Rog Brinner: Why don't you relax for a few minutes? I'll cover for ya
[2010/08/05 17:46]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw, thanks hon, don't mind to take a break at all
[2010/08/05 17:46]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You can have a free drink or two if ya do, I'm sure Zeke won't mind
[2010/08/05 17:46]  Rog Brinner: now, what can I get ya, Miss?
[2010/08/05 17:46]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles; A whiskey a course
[2010/08/05 17:47]  Rog Brinner: comin right up
[2010/08/05 17:47]  Rog Brinner finds a glass and pours
[2010/08/05 17:48]  Rog Brinner: pretty quiet around here since the other night
[2010/08/05 17:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods looking down: "What they done to that fella shot Bill?"
[2010/08/05 17:48]  Rog Brinner: ain't heard
[2010/08/05 17:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis sighs: "Me neither.. outta take 'im out and just shoot im"
[2010/08/05 17:49]  Rog Brinner: wonder why he did it
[2010/08/05 17:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He were just shoutin' when he come in, looked a bit crazed if ya ask me
[2010/08/05 17:50]  Rog Brinner: I know he lost some money to Bill at cards, but ...
[2010/08/05 17:50]  Rog Brinner: Actually, that was the same night I got fired
[2010/08/05 17:50]  Rog Brinner: Didn't see ME come back shootin
[2010/08/05 17:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You got fired?
[2010/08/05 17:51]  Rog Brinner: yeah. Guess I made Trixie mad about somethin
[2010/08/05 17:51]  Rog Brinner: easy to do
[2010/08/05 17:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well ya ain't alone, them two indicated they ain't allowed in their neither
[2010/08/05 17:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: They gotta lotta gold, I ain't got no problem takin' it here
[2010/08/05 17:52]  Rog Brinner: Pretty soon she'll runh out of customers, she drives 'em all away
[2010/08/05 17:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw, she gotta followin' though.. that Thomas is sweet on her
[2010/08/05 17:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I seen plenty fellas in there
[2010/08/05 17:53]  Rog Brinner: I wonder when she'll open that theater
[2010/08/05 17:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ain't it open? I thought I seen fellas in there watchin'
[2010/08/05 17:54]  Rog Brinner: thought that was just rehearsin. She got all pissed off one time when there was an audience there but whe hadn't planned a show
[2010/08/05 17:54]  Rog Brinner: fired me that time too
[2010/08/05 17:54]  Rog Brinner: but took me back
[2010/08/05 17:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: Maybe she'll take ya back again hon.. til she do, you're welcome ta fill in for Rod here
[2010/08/05 17:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We be lucky ta have ya
[2010/08/05 17:55]  Rog Brinner: damned if I'll go back there again.
[2010/08/05 17:56]  Rog Brinner: I'm a lousy barman, anyway. But glad to help
[2010/08/05 17:56]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We need all the help we kin git, course.. you might need ta learn ta use the shotgun there
[2010/08/05 17:56]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Could ya bring yerself ta throw out women or injuns?
[2010/08/05 17:57]  Rog Brinner: wisht I'd had one over at Number 10 a few times
[2010/08/05 17:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs
[2010/08/05 17:57]  Rog Brinner: Injuns maybe. Wouldn't want to throw out women
[2010/08/05 17:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis: ladies wouldn't wanna be in here.. this ain't no place for a lady
[2010/08/05 17:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis: and other whores.. well.. they ain't workin' for zeke, you'd be doin' them a favor ta throw 'em out afore me or Daisy cut 'em
[2010/08/05 17:58]  Rog Brinner: I know what you mean, Lola. But you know I have a high opinion of you and Daisy
[2010/08/05 17:59]  Rog Brinner: you jealous of yer customers, Lola?
[2010/08/05 18:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't about ta share 'em with anyone but the girls here hon..that's bad business
[2010/08/05 18:00]  Rog Brinner: sure
[2010/08/05 18:00]  Rog Brinner: well, I ain't a businessman, that's for sure
[2010/08/05 18:01]  Rog Brinner: and as for women ...
[2010/08/05 18:01]  Rog Brinner: guess I just like 'em, or don't
[2010/08/05 18:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis raises an eyebrow: You got ladies you don't like?
[2010/08/05 18:01]  Rog Brinner: hmmm, let me think a minute
[2010/08/05 18:02]  Rog Brinner: got quite a few that don't like ME!
[2010/08/05 18:02]  Rog Brinner: that the same?
[2010/08/05 18:02]  Rog Brinner: how about you, Lola? Got a special guy?
[2010/08/05 18:04]  Rog Brinner: play along, Lola
[2010/08/05 18:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks up
[2010/08/05 18:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh uh.. no.. no special guy
[2010/08/05 18:04]  Rog Brinner: I think Sparta's comin in
[2010/08/05 18:05]  Rog Brinner: no ... guess not
[2010/08/05 18:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He's a regular over at the 10.. I figure those regulars don't do well ta come here
[2010/08/05 18:08]  Rog Brinner: Number 10 ain't so great
[2010/08/05 18:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis: It's gonna go down in history now
[2010/08/05 18:08]  Rog Brinner: This place is a lot friendlier
[2010/08/05 18:08]  Rog Brinner: Who wants to celebrate in the place where Bill died?
[2010/08/05 18:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I dunno... they can make it like a historical landmark or somethin'
[2010/08/05 18:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: maybe not celebrate.. come in and ..ya know.. quietly and humbly honor the man
[2010/08/05 18:09]  Rog Brinner: Don't see the thrill of that, Lola.
[2010/08/05 18:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh it ain't a thrill, it's a money-maker
[2010/08/05 18:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: Zeke would love it
[2010/08/05 18:10]  Rog Brinner: Lot more fun to ogle live pretty girls
[2010/08/05 18:10]  Rog Brinner: than some dead guy's memory
[2010/08/05 18:11]  Rog Brinner: at least, I figure that's the way it is for YOUNG guys
[2010/08/05 18:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis: they got the gamblin' over there too... *shudders* don't know as I'd want ta gamble in the place where Wild Bill died while gamblin'.. don't seem too lucky ta me
[2010/08/05 18:13]  Rog Brinner: I gotta think of something new to do, Lola
[2010/08/05 18:13]  Rog Brinner pours himself another
[2010/08/05 18:13]  Rog Brinner: can I refill ya?
[2010/08/05 18:14]  Rog Brinner: panning makes me enough to get by, but it's boring as hell
[2010/08/05 18:16]  Rog Brinner: Hey! Can't ya read? NO LADIES!
[2010/08/05 18:16]  Afrodite Ziplon: sorry Mr.
[2010/08/05 18:17]  Rog Brinner: need a drink?
[2010/08/05 18:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis smirks a little at Rog
[2010/08/05 18:17]  Afrodite Ziplon: yes, please
[2010/08/05 18:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the woman
[2010/08/05 18:17]  Rog Brinner: what do you think, Lola
[2010/08/05 18:17]  Rog Brinner: she look s awful thirsty
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Rog Brinner gets out a glass and fills it for the new gal
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Rog Brinner: there ya go, Miss. Just this once
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Long as she don't stay
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis glares at the woma
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis: *woman
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Afrodite Ziplon: thank you Sir
[2010/08/05 18:18]  Rog Brinner: Have we met before, Miss? I'm Rog Brinner
[2010/08/05 18:19]  Afrodite Ziplon: yes, I met you before
[2010/08/05 18:19]  Rog Brinner: Ah. Sorry. Wouldn't have thought I'd forget such a .... pretty face
[2010/08/05 18:20]  Malrik Rajesh is Online
[2010/08/05 18:20]  Afrodite Ziplon: thank you
[2010/08/05 18:20]  Lolaraine McGinnis eyes the woman, sulking a bit
[2010/08/05 18:20]  Rog Brinner: Are you working here in town, then?
[2010/08/05 18:20]  Afrodite Ziplon: not yet
[2010/08/05 18:20]  Rog Brinner: Lola. For the whiskey
[2010/08/05 18:21]  Rog Brinner: I saw something going on across the creek. Looks like some kind of stage being set up over there
[2010/08/05 18:22]  Afrodite Ziplon: thank you for all Mr and Miss
[2010/08/05 18:22]  Afrodite Ziplon: I ll let you
[2010/08/05 18:22]  Rog Brinner: you're welcome
[2010/08/05 18:22]  Afrodite Ziplon: good evening
[2010/08/05 18:22]  Rog Brinner: good evening
[2010/08/05 18:23]  Lolaraine McGinnis: It's a circus... least looks like it ta me. ya know I was in the circus and all
[2010/08/05 18:23]  Rog Brinner: OK, OK, I know. I ain't cut out for this job
[2010/08/05 18:24]  Rog Brinner: But that wasn't all bad, was it?
[2010/08/05 18:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ah ya done good
[2010/08/05 18:24]  Rog Brinner: you know that gal?
[2010/08/05 18:24]  Rog Brinner: she's a BIG one!
[2010/08/05 18:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: I never seen her but ya, she's a big one.. them Czech boys'd like her
[2010/08/05 18:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They like Pearl cause she so big
[2010/08/05 18:26]  Rog Brinner: So, where's this Pearl when you need help?
[2010/08/05 18:27]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh she's in the back *nods toward the back* that Milo fella had her, she's plum wore out
[2010/08/05 18:27]  Lolaraine McGinnis: for such heavy fellas,they sure gotta lotta energy
[2010/08/05 18:27]  Rog Brinner: Maybe you ought to try pannin, Lola. Or robbin banks or something
[2010/08/05 18:28]  Rog Brinner: Or ... maybe ya ought to just marry a rich prospector!
[2010/08/05 18:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Nah, this is the work I know and it ain't half so hard as pannin' and all..
[2010/08/05 18:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What kinda man'd marry a girl like me, I been with.. *bites her lip* well ya know
[2010/08/05 18:28]  Rog Brinner: Well, just the same, if I meet a rich prospector I'm gonna send him around
[2010/08/05 18:29]  Rog Brinner: Excuse me, Lola, I think I'll go see if I can hunt one up
[2010/08/05 18:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs
[2010/08/05 18:30]  Rog Brinner: take care now
[2010/08/05 18:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw, well that ain't necessary, but.. remember, we have ya on the staff here til ya find somethin' better
[2010/08/05 18:30]  Rog Brinner: thanks, Pal

Monday, August 2, 2010

After Wild Bill is Shot - Communication Break down

[19:23]  Daisy Stratten steps into the backroom and startles at the pink water in the wash basin, "You bleedin', hon? Who done it?"
[19:24]  Daisy Stratten searches Lola's face for an injury
[19:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis splashes her face and looks up babbling: "he's come right in and yelled something and then he shot him and he fell on the floor and they was blood everywhere and Rod got shot a little"
[19:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis holds out her hands: "did I git it all off?"
[19:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Trixie is gonna be mad, they's blood all over her floor. *stares off* "We should send Olivia over."
[19:26]  Daisy Stratten tries to follow her words, "Wait, what? Rod is shot? Are you? Here at The Cricket?" *looks at her pink scrubbed face and nods* It's all gone
[19:26]  Daisy Stratten: Trixie? Someone shot Rod at the 10?
[19:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods firmly: "He was sitting there alive one moment and then he just shot him in the back and he fell over on the floor." *bursts into tears*
[19:27]  Lolaraine McGinnis grabs Daisy's arm: "He's DEAD!"
[19:28]  Daisy Stratten gasps and feels her eyes begin to water, "But why? Why? He never hurt no one! Who did it? Who??!!" *begins to wail*
[19:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis wails along with her
[19:29]  Daisy Stratten: He said we was like his own sisters! Who did it Lola?! Who? *grabs up her shotgun leaning agaisnt the wall*
[19:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: that McCall fella, he done it!
[19:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He's layin' over to the Number 10 now *sobs*
[19:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis: some fellas went after McCall
 [19:30]  Daisy Stratten grips her gun and nods her head, "I'm gonna kill that lil fucker. Ain't gonna git away with this....I wanna see 'im. I'm gonna see 'im."
[19:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods, wiping her face with her sleeve

The two go over to the Number 10 - which is now empty

[19:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: the body ain't there
[19:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: they must have.. *sobs* takin' it somewhere
[19:33]  Daisy Stratten: Someone took 'im? He don't have no family here. We're his family!
[19:33]  Daisy Stratten wipes her eyes as she waves her gun around

[19:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks oddly at Daisy: "I suppose.. uh.. well maybe..."

  Lola sees Rod standing over near the Cricket and walks over toward him while Daisy stays outside the Number 10, wailing.

[19:34]  Daisy Stratten: Why? Whhhhhy? Poor Rod. Kindest fella in all of Deadwood.
[19:34]  Daisy Stratten: Murdered! Murdered in cold blood!

[19:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis (to Rod) : Daisy's takin' it real hard
[19:34]  Rod Eun: That damn no good sob... *holds his wrist
[19:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis: How's yer wrist?
[19:35]  Rod Eun: She that close ta Hickok?
[19:35]  Rod Eun: It ain't all that bad.. coulda been a lot worse
[19:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: I dunno, she said we was his only family. Maybe.. maybe they got somethin'goin' on
[19:36]  Rod Eun holds on his wrist, still a bit bloody
[19:36]  Rod Eun: That is rather odd.. what she doing over there now?

(the two of them watch Daisy, who's thrown herself on the ground as a group of people watch)
[19:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Lookit her over there, she's fallin' apart
[19:36]  Rod Eun: Ahh damn.. poor kid
[19:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis squints: I dunno, she wanted to after McCall herself

Lola and Rod walk over toward Daisy, who is  lying face down in the dirt, sobbing.

[19:36]  Daisy Stratten: My brother was murdered! *snot runs down her chin*
[19:37]  Rod Eun: That Hoss fella said they went after the fella
[19:37]  Ready Repine: ohh who murdered him and why ?
[19:37]  Rod Eun holds his shot wrist
[19:37]  Daisy Stratten falls foward in the dirt weeping
[19:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw, geez, hon.. uh...
[19:37]  Rod Eun: Damn bastard McCall... *wraps on his wrist some more
[19:38]  Daisy Stratten: Whhhhyyyyyy!
[19:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis leans over and pats Daisy gently on the head
[19:38]  Rod Eun: Who knew she were so close ta Mr Hickok
[19:38]  Daisy Stratten turns over and looks up at Lola
[19:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I din't know you and Wild Bill was that close
[19:38]  Rod Eun: He were not in town that long.. *sort of shrugs, holding his wrist
[19:38]  Daisy Stratten: He was a gentlemen through and...*pauses and stands up*
[19:39]  Rod Eun: Damn shame though, reckon they got him over to the undertakers by now

[19:39]  Daisy Stratten stares
[19:39]  Daisy Stratten reaches out and grabs Lola's arm TIGHT
[19:39]  Rod Eun turns to look at the folks passing by
[19:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis winces
[19:40]  Daisy Stratten points with her shotgun at Rod
[19:40]  Lolaraine McGinnis follows Daisy's pointing
[19:40]  Daisy Stratten: Lola....
[19:40]  Lolaraine McGinnis blinks
[19:40]  Rod Eun: More new folks...
[19:40]  Daisy Stratten: Is that Rod?
[19:40]  Rod Eun twists on his wrist, as he watches them walk off
[19:40]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at Daisy, a bit puzzled: "Well a course it is"
[19:40]  Rod Eun: Oh well.. *turns back towards the girls
[19:41]  Daisy Stratten runs over to Rod and grabs him tight around the waist
[19:41]  Daisy Stratten: Rod!!! Rod!!! Oh....you're alive!! Alive!!!!
[19:41]  Rod Eun: Ahh! What the hell Daisy!
[19:41]  Daisy Stratten dances around waving her shotgun
[19:41]  Daisy Stratten: Lola!
[19:41]  Rod Eun: Course I is alive, what you talkin' on now?
[19:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis watches, a confused look on her face
[19:41]  Daisy Stratten lets of Rod and steps back
[19:42]  Daisy Stratten: She *points at Lola with the shotgun* said you were dead
[19:42]  Daisy Stratten: Shot in the back
[19:42]  Rod Eun stumbles a little, holding his wrist again
[19:42]  Daisy Stratten: In the Number 10
[19:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis's mouth drops open: "I did NOT!"
[19:42]  Rod Eun: That weren't me, that were Wild Bill
[19:42]  Daisy Stratten: You sure as goddamn hell did!

[19:42]  Rod Eun looks confused
[19:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: I were talking about Wild Bill
[19:42]  Daisy Stratten whips her head back to look at rod
[19:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis: don't you listen?
[19:42]  Daisy Stratten: Bill's dead? Wild Bill?
[19:42]  Rod Eun: Yeah, Bill Hickok were shot in the back a the head, when we was playing poker...
[19:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: "I'm sure that's just what I said"
[19:43]  Rod Eun: and the bullet went through his head, then across my wrist.. *holds up his wrapped up arm
[19:43]  Daisy Stratten: Ya did not, ya was hysterical, ravingi!
[19:43]  Daisy Stratten looks sadly at his wrist
[19:43]  Rod Eun shakes his head.. "I don't know bout you gals sometimes"
[19:44]  Lolaraine McGinnis lifts her chin: "I don't never talk hysterical"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We the Deadwood fuckin' welcome wagon


[21:21]  Daisy Stratten: Heya Lola, that bastard Kanto was by earlier, wanted me to tell ya that

[21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Who ya'll talkin' about?

[21:22]  Rod Eun: He's a fine craftsmen and ain't no dummy.. *chuckles

[21:22]  Daisy Stratten: Oh 'bout Mr Mortlock bein' married

[21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh, well you kin tell him I said he should go fuck himself

[21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles brightly

[21:22]  Daisy Stratten: Kanto or Mr Mortlock?

[21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Kanto ya fool *laughs*

[21:22]  Daisy Stratten giggles

[21:23]  Rod Eun chuckles again

[21:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis: *yawns* Ya got the blood up a bit I see

[21:24]  Daisy Stratten: So Kanto was here and he was jokin' 'bout sendin' Larsson over for me to make up fer me bein' rude to 'im the other night

[21:24]  Daisy Stratten: Lil colored girl scrubbed it

[21:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw Jesus, I told ya stay away from Larrson

[21:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He ain't no good

[21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: and I thought you was done talkin' to Kanto after what he done last night

[21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya seen Donald around?

[21:25]  Daisy Stratten: I didn't come up and talk to 'im he came up to me

[21:25]  Daisy Stratten: Donald was 'round earlier, he was jumpy 'bout some soldier boy

[21:26]  Daisy Stratten: Said the bluecoat was askin' 'bout road agents

[21:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis: If them two boys is gonna come around here.. .Kanto and friend.. we need Marty ta move in

[21:26]  Daisy Stratten nods

[21:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks over at Daisy: Where the fuck them bruises come from?

[21:26]  Daisy Stratten: Oh and kanto says to me that he's gonna tell Larsson to propose to me *spits* like it's a funny joke

[21:27]  Daisy Stratten shrugs, "I dunno the fella. Called 'imself Lukas."

[21:27]  Daisy Stratten: I got 'im with my boot knife and he run off

[21:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Good thing, remember that one near strangled ya?

[21:28]  Daisy Stratten shudders

[21:28]  Daisy Stratten: maybe we need more security men

[21:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: That piano fellow maybe...

[21:29]  Daisy Stratten: 'scuse me a minute

[21:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis sighs

[21:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You do security Rod?

[21:29]  Rod Eun: Hmm? what's that now?

[21:29]  Rod Eun: Security?

[21:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Security... *looks irritated*

[21:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We need more if them animals Kanto and Larsson comin' around

[21:30]  Rod Eun: I don't get involved much, but ya may notice no one gets shot up much, when I'm round.. *chuckles some

[21:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis bites the inside of her mouth a bit and shrugs

[21:31]  Rod Eun: I know his kind.. and I'm sure his friend ain't no different... I seen a good number a fellas fore

[21:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I know his kind too *laughs harshly*

[21:31]  Rod Eun: and i don't get shot up for a reason neither.. *he nods to her

[21:31]  Rod Eun: Yes.. I heard his story, when he were telling it to Daisy

[21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at Rod long and hard:  "What story?"

[21:33]  Rod Eun: He was tellin' Daisy bout you and him, I could see why ya two don't like him none too much

[21:33]  Tavia Faith: Good Eve Mr. Eun

[21:33]  Rod Eun: hmm? Oh, Evenin' Miss Tavia.. *touches his hat

[21:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis's face flushes a little and she starts to say something, but stops and turns away

[21:33]  Rod Eun: How goes the herb biz?

[21:34]  Daisy Stratten: I swear to God there is a dead raccoon down in the shitter *grimaces*

[21:34]  Rod Eun turns and stops his talk with Lola

[21:34]  Tavia Faith: Good, have a decent pharmacy stocked and enough jam put up for January

[21:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis's face is flushed, her chest is heaving, she's frowning as she stares at Daisy

[21:34]  Rod Eun: That is very good Ma'am.. *he nods to Tavia

[21:34]  Daisy Stratten: Pharmacy? You sell morphine, ma'am?

[21:34]  Tavia Faith: I'll just be explorin a bit, seeing what's been on in town while I've beenbusy

[21:35]  Tavia Faith: I'm actually a Physician miss, so I have a decent pharmacopia

[21:35]  Daisy Stratten looks at Lola, "I hate dealin' with them almond eyed fucks down the street."

[21:35]  Rod Eun: As always, be careful walkin' round.. I heard thee was another injun in town ta day

[21:35]  Daisy Stratten: Lady doctor, eh?

[21:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis's lips are clamped as she continues to stare at Daisy

[21:36]  Tavia Faith: Yes... hadn't intended to actually pick back up the doctors bag, but had too many folks needing my help

[21:36]  Rod Eun looks over, giving Mrs Mortlock a nod and a smile

[21:36]  Daisy Stratten: Oh there's Mizzus Lockmort *squints as she looks over*

[21:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns deeply, not taking her eyes off of Daisy

[21:37]  Tavia Faith: My cabin isjust over the creek, set up as a proper little clinic now that my supplies arrived

[21:37]  Daisy Stratten looks over at Lola and blinks

[21:37]  Dottie Mortlock hums softly to herself as she sweeps the porch, half listening to the conversation next door.

[21:37]  Daisy Stratten nods her head and smiles at the mention of supplies

[21:38]  Tavia Faith: Should you need anything, dont hesitate to contact me...

[21:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis opens her mouth as if to say something to Daisy, but then clamps it shut

[21:38]  Daisy Stratten: Yes ma'am, I will surely do that

[21:38]  Tavia Faith: although I hear Doc Crowe is good at her business too

[21:39]  Tavia Faith: never can have enough wisewomen in a town...

[21:39]  Rod Eun: I ain't even been in her new hospital yet.. *looks across the road

[21:39]  Daisy Stratten: I gotta a man doctor who I see

[21:39]  Buck looks around at the men  and women

[21:40]  Buck nods

[21:40]  Lolaraine McGinnis tries to smile at the man - her smile looks a bit forced

[21:40]  Rod Eun touches his hat to Buck.. "evenin'"

[21:40]  Daisy Stratten: Heya hon *winks at Buck*

[21:40]  Buck stares at the woman with the fiery hair for a while before smiling.

[21:40]  Buck : Where can I find a room?

[21:41]  Rod Eun: There is a boarding house and hotel, just up the road there

[21:41]  Buck nods.

[21:41] Buck : And the drink?

[21:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis mutters something under her breath with a look at Daisy

[21:42]  Daisy Stratten: Get a drink and some pussy if ya like, hon. Right inside here.

[21:42]  Tavia Faith chuckles at Daisy.

[21:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis sighs a little, then flashes a forced smile and flips her skirt up for a second at the man

[21:43]  Buck watches the woman's skirt.

[21:43]  Tavia Faith: alright, time to find my self a little bit of viddles before I put up some more herbs to tincture

[21:43]  Rod Eun tips his hat

[21:44] Buck nods and turns away. "Wish I could say it was a pleasure/"

[21:44]  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns

[21:44]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What the hell do that mean?

[21:44]  Rod Eun: Nice fella..

[21:44]  Daisy Stratten: What a cunt

[21:45]  Daisy Stratten: We was friendly

[21:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis shouts: Come back here, ya asshole, I'll give ya pleasure!

[21:45]  Daisy Stratten shrugs

[21:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis takes out her knife and waves it,then sticks it back in her boot

[21:46]  Rod Eun: Yes.. guess being friendly ain't enough these days

[21:46]  Daisy Stratten: See now that fella will find some gold and then come on back and want us to be friendly with him

[21:47]  Rod Eun nods

[21:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks over at Daisy with a frown and hisses: What all did that shit Kanto tell ya about us?

[21:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods toward Rod: I hear he said a lot

[21:48]  Rod Eun glances again at Mrs Mortlock, but then turns away

[21:48]  Rod Eun sees that Buck again

[21:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis glares at the man and slides her hand down into her boot where she feels the knife

[21:49]  Daisy Stratten: He said that he promised ya...*stops speaking*

[21:49]  Dottie Mortlock sets down her bucket and rag and smiles happily at the sparkling window.

[21:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis continues staring at the man in the street, her mind on Kanto

[21:51]  Daisy Stratten looks from Lola to Buck and back again

[21:53]  Rod Eun looks over at Lock's shop windows, then back at the Crickets

[21:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What the fuck is his problem?

[21:54]  Daisy Stratten: He's rude *sticks her chin out as she says this*

[21:54] Buck snaps his head back to reality

[21:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis pulls her knife up, her eyes squinting at the man in the street

[21:54]  Daisy Stratten balls up her fists as she watchs Lola

[21:55] Buck smiles calmly

[21:55]  Dottie Mortlock smiles, still pleased with herself and the labor she's put in.  She notices Mr. Eun and approaches cautiously, as the sight of an unfamiliar man catches the corner of her eye.

[21:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis glares at the man

[21:55]  Rod Eun turns back, to see Lola's knife, then steps back a step

[21:55]  Buck : y'all don't take much kindly to strangers here?

[21:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis sneers at him slightly: Only thems friendly ta us

[21:55]  Buck quickly steps back

[21:56]  Buck : Aint I shown you kindness whore?

[21:56]  Daisy Stratten: We like strangers fine, long as they ain't rude

[21:56]  Daisy Stratten: We was nice to ya

[21:56]  Dottie Mortlock arched her brow at the vulgarity coming from the man.

[21:56]  Lolaraine McGinnis stiffens: I'm so sick a men like you!

[21:56]  Daisy Stratten: And ya said it weren't a pleasure to meet us

[21:56]  Rod Eun watches the man carefully

[21:56]  Buck frowns at the crowd.

[21:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis's grip tightens on the gun, her body can be seen shaking slightly

[21:57]  Dottie Mortlock whispers to Mr. Eun, "What's going on?  Did he not settle his tab?"

[21:57]  Daisy Stratten: Why ya say it ain't a pleasure to meet us, huh?

[21:58]  Rod Eun whispers: I don't know Ma'am.. ain't never seen him before, but the girls don't like him much.. he were a little rude ta them fore...

[21:58] Buck : Well, had I met you it would certainly be a pleasure

[21:58] Buck looks toward the rest.

[21:58]  Buck : I suppose I'm used to a warmer welcome from where I comes from.

[21:58]  Daisy Stratten: Christ, he' as dumb as the last one

[21:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis's voice quivers: don't he sound like Kanto? He sounds like Kanto

[21:59]  Rod Eun turns to see Lola's look.. "oh dear.. " *he mutters

[21:59]  Buck looks around confused.

[21:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis whispers: I'm so fuckin' tired a men talkin' like that

[21:59]  Daisy Stratten reaches a hand out to touch Lola's shoulder then eyes the knife and decides against it

[21:59]  Dottie Mortlock decides it's best to stay quiet and one step behind Mr. Eun.  Her eyes dart from the working girls to the man in the street, her head shaking back and forth slightly

[21:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis motions to the man: Come on over here, we show ya some pleasure

[22:00]  Buck : I heard this was a tough town. But I didn't think it meant one ruled by women and their knives.

[22:00]  Daisy Stratten laughs darkly

[22:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis's voice shakes a bit: Come on, we show ya a good time an' how we rule ya, if that what ya like.................... hon

[22:01]  Rod Eun winces a little, at Lola's tone

[22:01]  Buck nods at the crazy one with the red hair. "Ya'll aint got a doc here?"

[22:01]  Buck : Seems a bit unstable.

[22:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis waves the knife around a little, biting her lip, grinning at the man: Sure we do, sweet cakes, we got a couple kin patch ya right up

[22:02]  Daisy Stratten whispers, "Go on Lo, git him."

[22:02]  Buck chuckles. "I ain't aiming to make enemies."

[22:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh we real friendly, ain't we Daisy?

[22:02]  Buck : Just getting my bearings. Didn't expect an irish whore to be waiving a knife at me

[22:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis: All the fellas say so

[22:03]  Daisy Stratten: I'm known fer my friendliness

[22:03]  Daisy Stratten: Guess ya don't know much 'bout Irish whores then...

[22:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis grins and nods, pointing the knife at the man: See? friendly....

[22:03]  Rod Eun eyes dart back and forth.. from Buck to the girls, then back again

[22:04]  Buck looks at the redhead. "business must be slow."

[22:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis stands up a little: Ya got somethin' against the Irish? or against whores?

[22:05]  Buck neither. "I got to have something to stand on"

[22:06]  Rod Eun: Uh oh.. *he murmurs

[22:06]  Dottie Mortlock shakes her head silently

[22:06]  Daisy Stratten takes a step back

[22:06]  Lolaraine McGinnis swipes at him a couple times: Stay off the fuckin' porch

[22:07]  Buck brushes back

[22:07] Buck : whoooah

[22:07]  Buck : I aint on no porch

[22:07]  Buck looks at everyone else

[22:07]  Buck : "This is this town?"

[22:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You wus too close, I just givin' ya a warnin'

[22:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: No it ain't, it's a camp

[22:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ain't no law cept what we makes

[22:07]  Buck : Crazy whores running at strangers with knives?

[22:07]  Daisy Stratten nods

[22:07]  Buck shakes his head.

[22:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I just don't like the look a ya

[22:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs

[22:08]  Daisy Stratten: Coward!

[22:08]  Rod Eun: Looks like ya run him off...

[22:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Guess he ain't so much like Kanto after all

[22:08]  Daisy Stratten snickers

[22:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis leans against the wall, panting a bit, and wipes her sweaty hands on her skirt

[22:09]  Rod Eun turns again.. "Well.. that were fun.. How you been keeping Mrs Mortlock?"

[22:09]  Daisy Stratten: We the Deadwood fuckin' welcome wagon *laughs*

[22:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis closes her eyes and leans her head back, still sweating

.. the poor lad came to no good end later...the death of Buck 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Irish Eyes Ain't Smilin'...

Daisy and Lola stand outside the Cricket, as usual. In front of Lockmorts stands a man.

  Daisy Stratten: There goes Mickey

  Donald O'Harra doesn't look at all happy, or drunk anymore for that matter.  (Donald O'Harra is played by Malrik Rajesh)

  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't met that one
  Daisy Stratten: Shit he looks pissed
  Daisy Stratten: Sure ya have he worked down at the Progressive
  Daisy Stratten: 'Member fightin' with 'im in the street?
  Lolaraine McGinnis squints and looks harder: Aw I ain't seen him in a bit
  Daisy Stratten: Ya said somethin' 'bout a fuckin' cat
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I recall cussin' at him in Gaelic, ya
  Daisy Stratten nods
  Lolaraine McGinnis: don't recall why *shrugs*

  Donald O'Harra hears the name of his old bar and turns around, "Fraid I dinnae work the Progressive anymore... been reduced to robbin' people between here and the fort..."

  Daisy Stratten: Hey there Mickey! Ya alright? *laughs* Don't be sayin' that so loud, hon.
  Daisy Stratten: The robbin' thing
  Daisy Stratten: Some folks git pissy
  Lolaraine McGinnis: yeah, that soldier's lookin' for robbers
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "I could give a fuck." he coughed, "Some Irish hating bastard down at the 10 there. Nearly killed the fucker."
  Daisy Stratten: Who hates the Irish at the 10?
  Daisy Stratten: They serve Irish whiskey!
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Now who'd that be? *looks irritated*
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Dinnae know.  Some tall young lad.  Called me a Malrik er some such.  Fellah said that's a new term for filthy irishman over in the east."
  Daisy Stratten: I ain't Irish, I dunno what the fuck I am. S'pose I could be Irish
  Daisy Stratten: Was he wearin' a long black coat?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well I am, a hunnert percent... whoever that be best not come near me *scowls*
  Donald O'Harra scratched his head, "Dressed almost exactly like old Rog."
  Daisy Stratten: The Irish outta burn that fuckin' place down *laughs darkly*
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't give me no ideas, Dais
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "Think I'll keep my business here fer now."  he mutters, "Rog didn't do much except try to get me not to kill the lad."
  Daisy Stratten: Fuck, we'd ah helped ya
  Lolaraine McGinnis: aye, that's for sure
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I got me a mind ta go over an see if he's still there *glowers toward the number 10*
  Donald O'Harra spits in the mud, "Malrik... what is that supposed to be some fake gaelic er somethin?  Bloody hell, the boy had the nerve to tell me his folks were irish.  I bet they was protestant."
  Lolaraine McGinnis starts rolling up her sleeves
  Daisy Stratten: Do I look Irish, Lola? *makes her eyes go wide as she stares*
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Black Irish, mebbe
  Daisy Stratten: This is America..I ain't Black!
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Not Black, girl, Black Irish
  Lolaraine McGinnis: That's a good thing
  Daisy Stratten: Ahhh, alright then
  Daisy Stratten: In America we is all free, ain't right to hate other white folks
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Just means the black hair and all, not ye skin
  Donald O'Harra huffs, "I got a good mind to wait till he leaves, then gut him."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya know they got a back door over there...
  Daisy Stratten: If ya do it, I kin show ya good place to dump the bastards body
  Daisy Stratten: Ohhhh..yeah they do
  Lolaraine McGinnis: He mebbe already snuck out
  Lolaraine McGinnis: like the coward he must be if he wouldn't fight it out with ya
  Daisy Stratten: I wanna see the bastard
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I'm gonna go find out meself what problem he got with the Irish
  Lolaraine McGinnis reaches for her flask
  Daisy Stratten: Tall and dressed like Rog, eh?
  Donald O'Harra sighs, "Ah well, best ta avoid violence.  I already warned him that if I heard another bad thing about me people I'd kill him..."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: We'll find him

The girls head for the Number 10 Saloon - Donald holds back for abit, caught in conversation with somebody.

  Lolaraine McGinnis looks in the window
  Lolaraine McGinnis: That one there,ya think?
  Daisy Stratten: There's that fella who fought Miz Jane
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh ya, I met him earlier
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Did he win or lose?
  Daisy Stratten: He won..
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hm..
  Daisy Stratten: Must be that fella next to'im
  Daisy Stratten: He tall
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aye, dressed like Rog
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Damn army fella inside
  Daisy Stratten: Bluecoats always ruin the fun
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods and rubs at the window a bit, taking off a bit of dust
  Daisy Stratten: Fuck it, burn the place down *looks around for a lantern*
  Lolaraine McGinnis grabs her arm: nah, they'll run out the back
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Anyways, we just wants that one
  Daisy Stratten: S'pose

  (conversations going on inside - the army man, Leonel Sparta heads out)
  Leonel Sparta: Excuse me

  (inside, the target of the girls' focus is talking to others, apparently unaware of them)
   Bravek Barcelos: Hey now, cut him some slack, if it wasn't for him this land would still be infested with those damn redskins

  Leonel Sparta: Something wrong?
  Daisy Stratten: Huh?

   Flint Windlow: Where the hell is they going?
  Adriana Gelles: "i havent a clue!"

  Lolaraine McGinnis: Just a bunch a IRISH people standin' around, ya got a problem with that?
  Leonel Sparta: Well, I saw you looking inside

  Flint Windlow looks out the window, seeing the girls from across the way

 (Bravek heads out)

  Daisy Stratten: What the fuck are you talkin 'bout?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: *stares at Bravek*
  Daisy Stratten: We look where we want to look, hon
  Bravek Barcelos: mr. "bluecoat" over here wants a word with ya

  Flint Windlow: Seems like the party's moved outside again doll face.. *tosses some coins on the counter

  Lolaraine McGinnis: What are you his little helper?
  Daisy Stratten: Really, Leonel? Ya want a word with me?
  Leonel Sparta looks confused.

 Adriana Gelles nods."It always seems to" takes the coins."thank you sir'"

  Flint Windlow: Thanks fer the drinks, least you know how to serve a man
  Flint Windlow: Damn.. one came back in
  (Army man, Sparta goes back in)
  Adriana Gelles smiles and nods."Thanks for coming in.Hope to see ya' again"

  Lolaraine McGinnis noses up to the man
  Donald O'Harra raises an eyebrow, "With who?  Me?"
  Bravek Barcelos: Hardly ma'am, but i do stand up for a man whos willing to die for his country to keep people like you safe.
  Daisy Stratten laughs
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh, he can't take care a hisself?
  Daisy Stratten: That fucker ain't protectin' us
  Lolaraine McGinnis snickers and pokes at the man's chest: Ya gonna protect him from a couple a women?

  Flint Windlow: I cannot keep up with al the ins and outs
  Flint Windlow: Forgot about what? oh.. yes, your ass whoopin'
  Flint Windlow: I would want to forget that as well boy
  Leonel Sparta: You are trying your luck there!
  Flint Windlow: It's alright, we all have our off days
  Adriana Gelles: "What are we even talking about?" raises a brow
  Flint Windlow: I ain't trying my luck nor yours solder boy
  Leonel Sparta: Don't call me boy"

  Donald O'Harra laughs, "This boyo here is the guy who called me a Malrik."
  Bravek Barcelos: Ma'am what do you think deadwood was before it was a mining town, it was a fricken indian infested hellhole!
  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs: What the hell is a Malrik?
  Daisy Stratten: It still a hellhole....
  Bravek Barcelos: Then what are you doin here, standing on the corner selling yourself the first drunk man to come out the door?

  (inside) Flint Windlow: This one and I got in a little dust up at the Cricket.. weren't no big deal
  Flint Windlow: When ya grows up some, ya get back ta me solder
  Adriana Gelles: "ahh okay" nods
  Leonel Sparta glares at the man. "I'll pretend I did not hear"
  Adriana Gelles stays quiet as she fills tention in the room
  Flint Windlow: That would be best, it's not wise to end up on the floor, in two different saloons.. *he nods back

  Lolaraine McGinnis: Mac na bèiste!
  Daisy Stratten: Not the corner, we got us a saloon to work outta
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't you be passin' judgement on me,ya summfabitch
  Donald O'Harra laughed, "Not only does he hate Irish he hates whores too!"
  Daisy Stratten sticks out her chin and tries to look taller
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Must love Irish whores then, ya got a problem?
  Lolaraine McGinnis pokes at the man's chest again with her finger
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I'm Irish an' proud of it ya Mac na bèiste!

  Flint Windlow breathes in deep, then looks out the window again
  Leonel Sparta: You seem to be assuming a lot
  Flint Windlow: If'n ya say so there.. solder... boy
  Adriana Gelles pops her knuckles
  Leonel Sparta: Stop calling me boy.
  Flint Windlow: I calls um' as I see's um
  Lolaraine McGinnis sways a little, obviously a little tipsy: Ya don't be insultin' mah friend neither
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods toward the man behind her(Donald)
  Bravek Barcelos: sir i've already told you, i am irish.
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya ain't no Irish
  Donald O'Harra laughs, "I bet yer a Prostistant IRish!  Fucking traitor to the isles!"
  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs and nods: Aye,
  Bravek Barcelos: no sir i am very much catholic
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat
  Badger Bagley: Howdo ladies, Irish fella
  Daisy Stratten: Heya hon.
  Flint Windlow looks at the man who's entered
  Adriana Gelles: "Evening sir"
  Leonel Sparta: You need something for the eyes
  Flint Windlow: Nah.. just fer one a them.. *taps his bad eye
  Flint Windlow: The other one works just fine
  Adriana Gelles: "I think that whiskey is getting to me.." shakes her head
  Leonel Sparta: What is going on out there?
  Leonel Sparta: Those ladies belong to the Cricket
  Flint Windlow: I'm missing out on the show outside

  Lolaraine McGinnis: Póg mo thóin
  Daisy Stratten nods her head several times and bounces onher heels
  Bravek Barcelos: and im sorry ma'am were you speaking gaelic earlier?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I just spoke it now, and ya know what I said, if yer Irish
  Donald O'Harra spits in the dirt, "Yer parents were irish eh?  Where from ireland?"
  Badger Bagley: I heard some fella was picking fights, thought maybe i'd get a turn
  Daisy Stratten: The fella insulted the Irish and Lola and Mickey are mad
  Lolaraine McGinnis: aye, and claimin' ta be Irish when ya ain't is another insult
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Somebody oughta teach ya a lesson
  Daisy Stratten: You Irish, hon? *looks Bagley over*

  Leonel Sparta: Nothing is stopping you
  Adriana Gelles: "I've had enough violence..for one night.I'm staying my tail in here.."
  Flint Windlow: I reckon you're right there solder... nothin' at all..
  Leonel Sparta: Things get better and better.

  Bravek Barcelos: oh, im not from ireland, i was born here in the states.
  Badger Bagley: Naw, i hate em... mostly
  Lolaraine McGinnis spits on the porch: Ya don't talk Irish
  Lolaraine McGinnis: We don't go insultin' our own
  Lolaraine McGinnis clenches her fist and starts to swing her arm back
  Badger Bagley: Ooh here we go
  Daisy Stratten squeals as she sees Lola make a fist
  Donald O'Harra laughs, "That fella with the moustache in there said Malrik was a new word fer dirty irishman!"
  Badger Bagley: The mick bout ready to splode
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I oughta learn ya a thang or too, dirty irishman ya say!!
  Lolaraine McGinnis swings toward the man's chin
  Daisy Stratten: Git 'im Lola!
  Bravek Barcelos: well excuse me then ma'am, for not recognizing it earlier!
  Bravek Barcelos: ben Desculpe-me, a continuación, miña señora, por non recoñece-la máis cedo!

  (Inside) Flint Windlow watches the people and listens

  Badger Bagley: huh?
  Donald O'Harra blinks
  Lolaraine McGinnis: he's cussin at me, somfabitch
  Badger Bagley: he just call you a cocksucker?
  Daisy Stratten: Atta girl!!!!
  Lolaraine McGinnis: swings at the man several times
  Bravek Barcelos: hardly ma'am
  Badger Bagley: Ok ok, now drag him onto the mud here
  Lolaraine McGinnis: don't ya be callin me names in no foreign language
  Deadwood 1.13: Bravek Barcelos falls to the ground apparently dead or unconsious...
  Daisy Stratten laughs
  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns
  Badger Bagley: Reckon that's what ya get for callin' a whore a whore nowadays
   (Inside) Adriana Gelles hears all the noise outside and shakes her head

  albertoETornato Cioc: Woah he's pretty in bad shape
  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns
  Bravek Barcelos: what i said was, excuse me for not recognizing it earlier, in the language you seem to be so familiar with, i'm starting to think    your not who you say you are!
  Badger Bagley: That's the irish for ya, loud and violent
  Lolaraine McGinnis: He ain't hardly hurt
  Donald O'Harra holds Lola back, "He ain't swearin', he just butchered and old Saying."
  Daisy Stratten: Christ Lola
  Lolaraine McGinnis sways some more, her eyes blurry
  Daisy Stratten scowls at Bagely
  Lolaraine McGinnis rubs her knuckles

  (Inside) Flint Windlow: I knew I was missing out.. scuse me gents.. *pushes past Leonel and Cuba

  (Flint heads out)

  Badger Bagley returns the whores stare
  Donald O'Harra looks at her, "Ah heel yer drunker than I is."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well he.. he insulted our people
  Daisy Stratten: Drag 'im inside and buy 'im a drink. That's how my folks solved things
  Badger Bagley: Either finish him off or walk away... the anticipation is killin me here
  Donald O'Harra looked at Bravek, "Sorry boyom seems I was mislead.."
  Flint Windlow: Damn.. looks like I missed what happened...
  Lolaraine McGinnis is still restrained by donald
  Donald O'Harra taps her shoulder, "He was speakin' Gaelic hon.  He's an Irishman... granted he butchered it."
  Bravek Barcelos: so tell me then, Realmente fala irlandés?

  Lolaraine McGinnis blinks: he was...
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the man
  Donald O'Harra nods, "Aye, apoligise to the boy."
  Bravek Barcelos: sorry if i'm a little rusty, its been a few years
  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns looking a bit confused: So .. ya dint insult Donald?
  Bravek Barcelos: no ma'am
  Badger Bagley: Fuckin mick bastards, always assumin' * walks off*
  Donald O'Harra sighs, then looks at flint and narrows his eye, "Seems he was tellin' the truth when he said he mistook me fer someone by that   name."
  Daisy Stratten giggles
  Donald O'Harra looks back at Badger, "Now there's a man I'm gonna kill."
  Flint Windlow watches on.. and returns Donald's gaze
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks confused and then looks at the man and mutters reluctantly: Then I suppose I be owin' ya an apology
  Leonel Sparta: What is going on here?
  Bravek Barcelos hold out his hand
  Donald O'Harra looks back at Flint, "I got me eye on you now boyo.  Remember that."
  Lolaraine McGinnis rubs her nose a little then takes his hand
  Bravek Barcelos: no hard feelings?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aye, none...hope I dint break yer nose
  Bravek Barcelos: i dont believe it is, though i may end up with a black eye.
  Lolaraine McGinnis: You kin come over to the Cricket and I'll give ye a free drink and a free lay, that should ease the pain
 Daisy Stratten wraps her arms around herself and sighs
  Flint Windlow: Hey now, I was just funnin' on ya there, I think ya was too drunk ta even notice..
  Flint Windlow: Not my fault the boys not all there
  Adriana Gelles looks over at Flint."Who's not all there?"
  Flint Windlow: Just a little friendly saloon talk
  Flint Windlow: Well.. who's not all there.. *looks to Bravek, then Leonel, then everyone else
  Adriana Gelles: "true.." nods
  Flint Windlow: Looks like ya got me there doll face.. *he grins to Adri

 Donald O'Harra scowls, "Getting a couple of brother's from the isles to fight one another ain't kind still ya fucker.  That was nae funny nor harmless.  Shit I nearly shot and killed the lad then and there.  So ya watch yerself.  I don't like bein' mislead and I am sure Lola don't neither."
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks over at Donald: Who been foolin' with us then?
  Adriana Gelles smiles and shakes her head at Flint
  Flint Windlow: Sorry.. I mistook ya for a smart fella, my mistake.. won't happen again..
  Donald O'Harra points at Flint.  "That's the bastard."
  Flint Windlow just shakes his head
  Flint Windlow: No body's a fan a jokes no more... poor bastards.. *shakes his head once more
  Flint Windlow: Hmmm.. there goes the last bartender here... who the hell runs this place?
  Donald O'Harra puffs his cigarette having calmed down now, "Bloody hell me nerves is right frayed now.  Think I need another drink after all that excitement."

  (kale Mirajkar walks up having seen none of what's gone on)

  kale Mirajkar: i think you've had enough to drink pard
  Bravek Barcelos: There you go Donald, Kale over there's who i had you confused with
  Lolaraine McGinnis rubs her head a bit
  Donald O'Harra shrugs, "Old news friend.  Sorry for all that.  Girls, let's head back to the cricket.
  kale Mirajkar looks over to the man
  kale Mirajkar: you were talkin about me
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to Donald
  Bravek Barcelos: yes sir, i had you and Mr. Oharra over here confused
  kale Mirajkar: what the hell for
  Donald O'Harra waves behind him as he walks on back to the Cricket.
  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes (to Bravek): Hon, I think you be careful, you mighta insulted both of them
  Flint Windlow looks from one to the next

Lola and Donald have gone into the Cricket - Daisy is trailing and will stand outside.

  Lolaraine McGinnis goes to the counter and pulls out a whiskey bottle, then brings it and two glasses over to the table and sets them in front of Donald before she sits down
  Donald O'Harra takes a seat and sighs, "Gettin' all riled up o'er nothin..."  he mutters, he takes the bottle and pours a glass full each, "Ta yer health."  he said with a smile
  Donald O'Harra downs the glass and sets it down, "Nothin' like a whiskey to set things right though hmm?"  he smiles, the drink always made his spirits rise.
  Lolaraine McGinnis gives a tight grin as she takes the glass and with a shaky hand holds it to the light before closing her eyes and sipping it
  Donald O'Harra pours himself another glass, "Éirinn go Brách!"  he says raising the glass, "Ireland Forever!"
  Lolaraine McGinnis holds the glass with both hands and nurses it, rolling the glass over her lips between sips
  Donald O'Harra looks at her, "Ya alright there lassie?"  he asks
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods quietly
  Donald O'Harra frowns, "Ya seem a right bit down to me Miss."  he sighs, "Ah well I don't want to pry where I dinnae belong."
  Lolaraine McGinnis:  Me temper gets the best of me... its the life I lead I suppose... did ya see how that man let me slap him about, with not a hand raised ta stop me?
  Lolaraine McGinnis lowers her head: Sometimes I remind me of me father... may he rest in hell
  Donald O'Harra nodded, "He must've been born here in the US.  A real Irishman would've at least covered his head to protect himself."
  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head: I never seen a man behave like that... *shudders* If ya hadn't been there... nobody else seemed ready ta stop me neither.
  Lolaraine McGinnis: God help me, what kinda animal am I?
  Donald O'Harra chuckled, "I got the same temper miss.  When I ain't drunk that is."  he says, "Lotsa folks from the homeland are like that.  Some sober, some drunk.  Me da was quite the bastard too when he got to the bottle."
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "I only remember him a bit... ma was a who'er like yerself.  She left me with the nuns when da left her."
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods a little and rests her head on the table, muttering into her arms: I ain't awful when sober....my father dint need no bottle
  Donald O'Harra nods, "Seems we're always the opposite of our folks."
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: I ain't never raisin' children, not me ... I'll give them away for their own good
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "Maybe that was what me ma thought. I'll ne'er know. The nuns gave me a hell of a time. Who'erson they'd call me... beat me with a meterstick if i got outta line..."
  Lolaraine McGinnis rests her chin on her arm and looks at Donald: I hear them nuns can be fierce
  Donald O'Harra nods, "They are... some were..." he shivers, "The reason I dinnae think everyone goes to heaven is because o' them.  The shit they'd do to us somtimes... I saw a sister beat a baby boy to death when I was 13.  All it was doin' was cryin..."
  Lolaraine McGinnis shudders: I hear stories of the injuns doin' such . I never heard of nuns as bad as them savages..
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "THey were worse to the girls... lot worse."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Guess its good I didn't end up in a nunnery... I mighta...*bites her lip* "best I be whorin"
  Donald O'Harra shudders, "The screams... ya'd hear em across the yard and all ya could think was what god would allow that to happen..."  he sighs, "I ran away when I was 14.  Convinced the church would kill me.  I wandered for a time, then came o'er here.  Fought with teh Fightin' Irish in the war, got captured, nearly starved to death in a Confederate prision, then was freed and they told me I was an ameircan citizen."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I come over here when I was about that age... runnin' from .. *whispers* my pa
  kale Mirajkar walks up with a smile good morning daisy and how have you been
  Daisy Stratten: Heya hon *nods to the man*
  Donald O'Harra nods, "I see... well ya think he's still lookin' fer ya?"
  kale Mirajkar: is'ent a nice morning here in deadwood
  kale Mirajkar: mind if i go inside for adrink
  Daisy Stratten: The fuck? It ain't mornin' hon
  Lolaraine McGinnis clamps her mouth shut when she hears the man outside
  Donald O'Harra looked behind him, "What is it?" he asked looking back at her
  kale Mirajkar: hmmm must need my eyes checked
  kale Mirajkar: well i guess im goin blind
  Daisy Stratten: Here ya go hon *pours a drink and slides it over to him*
  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head and looks over at the others
  Daisy Stratten: That be seventy five cents *grabs some empty glasses and sets them under the bar*
  Daisy Stratten glanced over at Lola and Donald and furrows her brow, then turns back to the man at the bar with a forced smile
  kale Mirajkar takes the glass and drops the coins on the bar
  Daisy Stratten scoops up the coins, tossing fifty cents into the cash box and pocketing the other 25 cents
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at her bruised knuckles and rubs them gently, then pours herself another drink
  Donald O'Harra looks at the others and sighed.  He nodded, understanding she didn't want to talk further in front of them.
  Daisy Stratten: Ya need 'nother bottle over there, Lo?
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to Daisy: A half one maybe
  Daisy Stratten dusts off a fresh bottle from under the bar and carries it over
  kale Mirajkar walks over and takes a seat at the table with the others
  kale Mirajkar: howdy flks
  Daisy Stratten: I be outside...
  kale Mirajkar: i heard you two been fightin
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks up at the man and frowns: did ya now?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Not with each other we ain't
  Donald O'Harra looked at Lola, "I ain't ne'er struck a woman."
  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles tightly at Donald, nodding
  kale Mirajkar: not you two just you both been in a fight
  Lolaraine McGinnis: There were a..minor altercation... *takes a swig of her drink* nothin' you need worry about
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Bah some misunderstandin'.  Dinnae worry yerself boyo."
  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles a little at Donald over her drink, and laughs quietly
  kale Mirajkar smiles well has anything neat happened today?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't shot no more injuns if that's what you mean
  Donald O'Harra chuckled, "Nah, jus' got drunk... s'what I do most days."
  kale Mirajkar: well thats no good
  Donald O'Harra laughed, "It ain't?  It's my god given right to as both an American and Irishman."
  kale Mirajkar: have eather of you seen that russian man or his tall friend today
  kale Mirajkar: not you sir
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Dinnae who yer talkin' bout."
  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't know as I'd know a Russian if I seen one
  kale Mirajkar: i would like to talk to both of em
  kale Mirajkar: his name is cuba
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Again' dinnae know him."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: A Russian named Cuba.. ain't Cuba a country somewhere round America?
  Donald O'Harra: An I dinnae invovle myself in other's business.  You want ta find him go look fer him don't expect me to come to yer to tattle on some Russian named Cuba."
  kale Mirajkar: down by florida yes
  Lolaraine McGinnis: How much money ya offerin' for information?
  kale Mirajkar laughs to himself
  Lolaraine McGinnis adds hastily: Not that I got any, but ya never know what might come up
  kale Mirajkar: im being paid 150 dollars to find him how much are you looking to get
  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: You the one wants the information. Long as you be willin' ta pay somethin...if anything comes my way, maybe I'll contact ya...
  kale Mirajkar: hmmmmm how does 40 dollars sound?
  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs and rubs her brow: Save me doin' a day's work. My head is spinnin' .. I gotta go lay me down...
  Daisy Stratten shifts her weight and sighs as she looks up and down the street
  Donald O'Harra nodded to Lola, setting some money down for the bottles, "Keep it Lola.  Be seein' ya and Daisy around."
  Lolaraine McGinnis stands up, steadying herself on the table before heading for the door
  Donald O'Harra tips his bowler to Diasy before heading up the street.
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to donald
  Daisy Stratten smiles
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Daisy, I'm gonna go lay me down for a bit
  Daisy Stratten: Alright
  Lolaraine McGinnis walks off slowly, staggering a bit down the street