Daisy and Lola at work

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Being a prostitute in Deadwood doesn't mean your role play is filled with sexual encounters and excitement.... just a couple of ordinary roomates dealing with typical roomate problems.

Lola attends a local poetry reading event by herself (well, with her bottle of whiskey)

[14:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks around a little confused at where she is and what's gong on
[14:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis pushes herself off of the building and stands a bit unsteadily
[14:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis takes a swig and shakes the bottle, noting it's empty
[14:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis tosses the empty bottle on the ground
[14:55]  Francine Aristocrat: Looks over at Lola and smiles knowingly at her.
[14:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis starts walking off a bit unsteadily
[14:55]  Rod Eun: Yes Ma'am, we got a scale at the Cricket, lotta miners come in with only pouches of gold for trade
[14:56]  Francine Aristocrat: Well where is this Fiddler they talked about?
[14:56]  Traci Munster looks around at the people hoping she will get the chance to know them
[14:56]  Lolaraine McGinnis steadies herself on the building for a moment
[14:56]  Rod Eun watches, as Lola stumbles by

Lola walks slowly and carefully over to the cabin she shares with Daisy and after some effort, manages to open the door.
She stumbles through the dark and starts to lie down on her bed.

[14:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrieks finding Daisy in her bed
[14:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis staggers back a little
(outside)[14:58]  Wyatt Alderton looks up hearing the scream and goes in search of news
[14:58]  Daisy Stratten: Jesus Lo, no need to shriek like a banshee

(outside)[14:58]  Wyatt Alderton looks around for a body
[14:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis steadies herself on the wall
[14:58]  Daisy Stratten jumps up out of the bad and shakes her head
[14:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis tries to focus on Daisy
[14:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis sways a bit
[14:59]  Daisy Stratten: You smell like you fell in a tank of bourbon
[14:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Whishkey
[14:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis blinks several times
[14:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Wha' the fuck you doin' in ma bed?
[14:59]  Daisy Stratten: I fell asleep....*stares*
[14:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the bed then throws the cover back, tearing it and the sheets off
[14:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You git it dirty?
(outside)[15:00]  Mollie Nootan: sorry bougt yer wife Mr. Alderton
[15:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes the sheets, holding them up unsteadily
[15:00]  Daisy Stratten: 'course not!
(outside)[15:00]  Wyatt Alderton: I'm sure it was an accident
[15:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis peers at them closely
[15:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis stares at Daisy
[15:00]  Daisy Stratten: Quit lookin at me like that
[15:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You din't do some fuckin' bidniz on my bed so's yers'd be all clean?
[15:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks back at the sheet, examining as closely as she can..
[15:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs and waves her arms widely around
[15:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Alright, I s'pose they clean as they wuz
[15:01]  Daisy Stratten: Take yer shoes off and lay down.
[15:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis tries to tuck them back in, they end up half in and wrinkled
[15:02]  Daisy Stratten: You want somethin' fer a headache?
[15:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis manages to get one shoe off and falls on the bed with the other still on
[15:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Not yet
[15:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis lands with her face in the pillow
[15:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis mutters into the pillow: prolly tamorrow
[15:02]  Daisy Stratten: Turn on yer side or you'll suffocate
[15:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis remains passed out but turns, her one booted foot on top of the covers, the other bootless foot hanging over the bed
[15:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis begins snoring loudly
[15:04]  Daisy Stratten mutters as she tugs off the other boot and fluffs the blanket, tucking Lola in

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