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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Irish Eyes Ain't Smilin'...

Daisy and Lola stand outside the Cricket, as usual. In front of Lockmorts stands a man.

  Daisy Stratten: There goes Mickey

  Donald O'Harra doesn't look at all happy, or drunk anymore for that matter.  (Donald O'Harra is played by Malrik Rajesh)

  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't met that one
  Daisy Stratten: Shit he looks pissed
  Daisy Stratten: Sure ya have he worked down at the Progressive
  Daisy Stratten: 'Member fightin' with 'im in the street?
  Lolaraine McGinnis squints and looks harder: Aw I ain't seen him in a bit
  Daisy Stratten: Ya said somethin' 'bout a fuckin' cat
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I recall cussin' at him in Gaelic, ya
  Daisy Stratten nods
  Lolaraine McGinnis: don't recall why *shrugs*

  Donald O'Harra hears the name of his old bar and turns around, "Fraid I dinnae work the Progressive anymore... been reduced to robbin' people between here and the fort..."

  Daisy Stratten: Hey there Mickey! Ya alright? *laughs* Don't be sayin' that so loud, hon.
  Daisy Stratten: The robbin' thing
  Daisy Stratten: Some folks git pissy
  Lolaraine McGinnis: yeah, that soldier's lookin' for robbers
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "I could give a fuck." he coughed, "Some Irish hating bastard down at the 10 there. Nearly killed the fucker."
  Daisy Stratten: Who hates the Irish at the 10?
  Daisy Stratten: They serve Irish whiskey!
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Now who'd that be? *looks irritated*
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Dinnae know.  Some tall young lad.  Called me a Malrik er some such.  Fellah said that's a new term for filthy irishman over in the east."
  Daisy Stratten: I ain't Irish, I dunno what the fuck I am. S'pose I could be Irish
  Daisy Stratten: Was he wearin' a long black coat?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well I am, a hunnert percent... whoever that be best not come near me *scowls*
  Donald O'Harra scratched his head, "Dressed almost exactly like old Rog."
  Daisy Stratten: The Irish outta burn that fuckin' place down *laughs darkly*
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't give me no ideas, Dais
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "Think I'll keep my business here fer now."  he mutters, "Rog didn't do much except try to get me not to kill the lad."
  Daisy Stratten: Fuck, we'd ah helped ya
  Lolaraine McGinnis: aye, that's for sure
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I got me a mind ta go over an see if he's still there *glowers toward the number 10*
  Donald O'Harra spits in the mud, "Malrik... what is that supposed to be some fake gaelic er somethin?  Bloody hell, the boy had the nerve to tell me his folks were irish.  I bet they was protestant."
  Lolaraine McGinnis starts rolling up her sleeves
  Daisy Stratten: Do I look Irish, Lola? *makes her eyes go wide as she stares*
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Black Irish, mebbe
  Daisy Stratten: This is America..I ain't Black!
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Not Black, girl, Black Irish
  Lolaraine McGinnis: That's a good thing
  Daisy Stratten: Ahhh, alright then
  Daisy Stratten: In America we is all free, ain't right to hate other white folks
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Just means the black hair and all, not ye skin
  Donald O'Harra huffs, "I got a good mind to wait till he leaves, then gut him."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya know they got a back door over there...
  Daisy Stratten: If ya do it, I kin show ya good place to dump the bastards body
  Daisy Stratten: Ohhhh..yeah they do
  Lolaraine McGinnis: He mebbe already snuck out
  Lolaraine McGinnis: like the coward he must be if he wouldn't fight it out with ya
  Daisy Stratten: I wanna see the bastard
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I'm gonna go find out meself what problem he got with the Irish
  Lolaraine McGinnis reaches for her flask
  Daisy Stratten: Tall and dressed like Rog, eh?
  Donald O'Harra sighs, "Ah well, best ta avoid violence.  I already warned him that if I heard another bad thing about me people I'd kill him..."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: We'll find him

The girls head for the Number 10 Saloon - Donald holds back for abit, caught in conversation with somebody.

  Lolaraine McGinnis looks in the window
  Lolaraine McGinnis: That one there,ya think?
  Daisy Stratten: There's that fella who fought Miz Jane
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh ya, I met him earlier
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Did he win or lose?
  Daisy Stratten: He won..
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hm..
  Daisy Stratten: Must be that fella next to'im
  Daisy Stratten: He tall
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aye, dressed like Rog
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Damn army fella inside
  Daisy Stratten: Bluecoats always ruin the fun
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods and rubs at the window a bit, taking off a bit of dust
  Daisy Stratten: Fuck it, burn the place down *looks around for a lantern*
  Lolaraine McGinnis grabs her arm: nah, they'll run out the back
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Anyways, we just wants that one
  Daisy Stratten: S'pose

  (conversations going on inside - the army man, Leonel Sparta heads out)
  Leonel Sparta: Excuse me

  (inside, the target of the girls' focus is talking to others, apparently unaware of them)
   Bravek Barcelos: Hey now, cut him some slack, if it wasn't for him this land would still be infested with those damn redskins

  Leonel Sparta: Something wrong?
  Daisy Stratten: Huh?

   Flint Windlow: Where the hell is they going?
  Adriana Gelles: "i havent a clue!"

  Lolaraine McGinnis: Just a bunch a IRISH people standin' around, ya got a problem with that?
  Leonel Sparta: Well, I saw you looking inside

  Flint Windlow looks out the window, seeing the girls from across the way

 (Bravek heads out)

  Daisy Stratten: What the fuck are you talkin 'bout?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: *stares at Bravek*
  Daisy Stratten: We look where we want to look, hon
  Bravek Barcelos: mr. "bluecoat" over here wants a word with ya

  Flint Windlow: Seems like the party's moved outside again doll face.. *tosses some coins on the counter

  Lolaraine McGinnis: What are you his little helper?
  Daisy Stratten: Really, Leonel? Ya want a word with me?
  Leonel Sparta looks confused.

 Adriana Gelles nods."It always seems to" takes the coins."thank you sir'"

  Flint Windlow: Thanks fer the drinks, least you know how to serve a man
  Flint Windlow: Damn.. one came back in
  (Army man, Sparta goes back in)
  Adriana Gelles smiles and nods."Thanks for coming in.Hope to see ya' again"

  Lolaraine McGinnis noses up to the man
  Donald O'Harra raises an eyebrow, "With who?  Me?"
  Bravek Barcelos: Hardly ma'am, but i do stand up for a man whos willing to die for his country to keep people like you safe.
  Daisy Stratten laughs
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh, he can't take care a hisself?
  Daisy Stratten: That fucker ain't protectin' us
  Lolaraine McGinnis snickers and pokes at the man's chest: Ya gonna protect him from a couple a women?

  Flint Windlow: I cannot keep up with al the ins and outs
  Flint Windlow: Forgot about what? oh.. yes, your ass whoopin'
  Flint Windlow: I would want to forget that as well boy
  Leonel Sparta: You are trying your luck there!
  Flint Windlow: It's alright, we all have our off days
  Adriana Gelles: "What are we even talking about?" raises a brow
  Flint Windlow: I ain't trying my luck nor yours solder boy
  Leonel Sparta: Don't call me boy"

  Donald O'Harra laughs, "This boyo here is the guy who called me a Malrik."
  Bravek Barcelos: Ma'am what do you think deadwood was before it was a mining town, it was a fricken indian infested hellhole!
  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs: What the hell is a Malrik?
  Daisy Stratten: It still a hellhole....
  Bravek Barcelos: Then what are you doin here, standing on the corner selling yourself the first drunk man to come out the door?

  (inside) Flint Windlow: This one and I got in a little dust up at the Cricket.. weren't no big deal
  Flint Windlow: When ya grows up some, ya get back ta me solder
  Adriana Gelles: "ahh okay" nods
  Leonel Sparta glares at the man. "I'll pretend I did not hear"
  Adriana Gelles stays quiet as she fills tention in the room
  Flint Windlow: That would be best, it's not wise to end up on the floor, in two different saloons.. *he nods back

  Lolaraine McGinnis: Mac na bèiste!
  Daisy Stratten: Not the corner, we got us a saloon to work outta
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't you be passin' judgement on me,ya summfabitch
  Donald O'Harra laughed, "Not only does he hate Irish he hates whores too!"
  Daisy Stratten sticks out her chin and tries to look taller
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Must love Irish whores then, ya got a problem?
  Lolaraine McGinnis pokes at the man's chest again with her finger
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I'm Irish an' proud of it ya Mac na bèiste!

  Flint Windlow breathes in deep, then looks out the window again
  Leonel Sparta: You seem to be assuming a lot
  Flint Windlow: If'n ya say so there.. solder... boy
  Adriana Gelles pops her knuckles
  Leonel Sparta: Stop calling me boy.
  Flint Windlow: I calls um' as I see's um
  Lolaraine McGinnis sways a little, obviously a little tipsy: Ya don't be insultin' mah friend neither
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods toward the man behind her(Donald)
  Bravek Barcelos: sir i've already told you, i am irish.
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya ain't no Irish
  Donald O'Harra laughs, "I bet yer a Prostistant IRish!  Fucking traitor to the isles!"
  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs and nods: Aye,
  Bravek Barcelos: no sir i am very much catholic
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat
  Badger Bagley: Howdo ladies, Irish fella
  Daisy Stratten: Heya hon.
  Flint Windlow looks at the man who's entered
  Adriana Gelles: "Evening sir"
  Leonel Sparta: You need something for the eyes
  Flint Windlow: Nah.. just fer one a them.. *taps his bad eye
  Flint Windlow: The other one works just fine
  Adriana Gelles: "I think that whiskey is getting to me.." shakes her head
  Leonel Sparta: What is going on out there?
  Leonel Sparta: Those ladies belong to the Cricket
  Flint Windlow: I'm missing out on the show outside

  Lolaraine McGinnis: Póg mo thóin
  Daisy Stratten nods her head several times and bounces onher heels
  Bravek Barcelos: and im sorry ma'am were you speaking gaelic earlier?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I just spoke it now, and ya know what I said, if yer Irish
  Donald O'Harra spits in the dirt, "Yer parents were irish eh?  Where from ireland?"
  Badger Bagley: I heard some fella was picking fights, thought maybe i'd get a turn
  Daisy Stratten: The fella insulted the Irish and Lola and Mickey are mad
  Lolaraine McGinnis: aye, and claimin' ta be Irish when ya ain't is another insult
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Somebody oughta teach ya a lesson
  Daisy Stratten: You Irish, hon? *looks Bagley over*

  Leonel Sparta: Nothing is stopping you
  Adriana Gelles: "I've had enough violence..for one night.I'm staying my tail in here.."
  Flint Windlow: I reckon you're right there solder... nothin' at all..
  Leonel Sparta: Things get better and better.

  Bravek Barcelos: oh, im not from ireland, i was born here in the states.
  Badger Bagley: Naw, i hate em... mostly
  Lolaraine McGinnis spits on the porch: Ya don't talk Irish
  Lolaraine McGinnis: We don't go insultin' our own
  Lolaraine McGinnis clenches her fist and starts to swing her arm back
  Badger Bagley: Ooh here we go
  Daisy Stratten squeals as she sees Lola make a fist
  Donald O'Harra laughs, "That fella with the moustache in there said Malrik was a new word fer dirty irishman!"
  Badger Bagley: The mick bout ready to splode
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I oughta learn ya a thang or too, dirty irishman ya say!!
  Lolaraine McGinnis swings toward the man's chin
  Daisy Stratten: Git 'im Lola!
  Bravek Barcelos: well excuse me then ma'am, for not recognizing it earlier!
  Bravek Barcelos: ben Desculpe-me, a continuación, miña señora, por non recoñece-la máis cedo!

  (Inside) Flint Windlow watches the people and listens

  Badger Bagley: huh?
  Donald O'Harra blinks
  Lolaraine McGinnis: he's cussin at me, somfabitch
  Badger Bagley: he just call you a cocksucker?
  Daisy Stratten: Atta girl!!!!
  Lolaraine McGinnis: swings at the man several times
  Bravek Barcelos: hardly ma'am
  Badger Bagley: Ok ok, now drag him onto the mud here
  Lolaraine McGinnis: don't ya be callin me names in no foreign language
  Deadwood 1.13: Bravek Barcelos falls to the ground apparently dead or unconsious...
  Daisy Stratten laughs
  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns
  Badger Bagley: Reckon that's what ya get for callin' a whore a whore nowadays
   (Inside) Adriana Gelles hears all the noise outside and shakes her head

  albertoETornato Cioc: Woah he's pretty in bad shape
  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns
  Bravek Barcelos: what i said was, excuse me for not recognizing it earlier, in the language you seem to be so familiar with, i'm starting to think    your not who you say you are!
  Badger Bagley: That's the irish for ya, loud and violent
  Lolaraine McGinnis: He ain't hardly hurt
  Donald O'Harra holds Lola back, "He ain't swearin', he just butchered and old Saying."
  Daisy Stratten: Christ Lola
  Lolaraine McGinnis sways some more, her eyes blurry
  Daisy Stratten scowls at Bagely
  Lolaraine McGinnis rubs her knuckles

  (Inside) Flint Windlow: I knew I was missing out.. scuse me gents.. *pushes past Leonel and Cuba

  (Flint heads out)

  Badger Bagley returns the whores stare
  Donald O'Harra looks at her, "Ah heel yer drunker than I is."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well he.. he insulted our people
  Daisy Stratten: Drag 'im inside and buy 'im a drink. That's how my folks solved things
  Badger Bagley: Either finish him off or walk away... the anticipation is killin me here
  Donald O'Harra looked at Bravek, "Sorry boyom seems I was mislead.."
  Flint Windlow: Damn.. looks like I missed what happened...
  Lolaraine McGinnis is still restrained by donald
  Donald O'Harra taps her shoulder, "He was speakin' Gaelic hon.  He's an Irishman... granted he butchered it."
  Bravek Barcelos: so tell me then, Realmente fala irlandés?

  Lolaraine McGinnis blinks: he was...
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the man
  Donald O'Harra nods, "Aye, apoligise to the boy."
  Bravek Barcelos: sorry if i'm a little rusty, its been a few years
  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns looking a bit confused: So .. ya dint insult Donald?
  Bravek Barcelos: no ma'am
  Badger Bagley: Fuckin mick bastards, always assumin' * walks off*
  Donald O'Harra sighs, then looks at flint and narrows his eye, "Seems he was tellin' the truth when he said he mistook me fer someone by that   name."
  Daisy Stratten giggles
  Donald O'Harra looks back at Badger, "Now there's a man I'm gonna kill."
  Flint Windlow watches on.. and returns Donald's gaze
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks confused and then looks at the man and mutters reluctantly: Then I suppose I be owin' ya an apology
  Leonel Sparta: What is going on here?
  Bravek Barcelos hold out his hand
  Donald O'Harra looks back at Flint, "I got me eye on you now boyo.  Remember that."
  Lolaraine McGinnis rubs her nose a little then takes his hand
  Bravek Barcelos: no hard feelings?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aye, none...hope I dint break yer nose
  Bravek Barcelos: i dont believe it is, though i may end up with a black eye.
  Lolaraine McGinnis: You kin come over to the Cricket and I'll give ye a free drink and a free lay, that should ease the pain
 Daisy Stratten wraps her arms around herself and sighs
  Flint Windlow: Hey now, I was just funnin' on ya there, I think ya was too drunk ta even notice..
  Flint Windlow: Not my fault the boys not all there
  Adriana Gelles looks over at Flint."Who's not all there?"
  Flint Windlow: Just a little friendly saloon talk
  Flint Windlow: Well.. who's not all there.. *looks to Bravek, then Leonel, then everyone else
  Adriana Gelles: "true.." nods
  Flint Windlow: Looks like ya got me there doll face.. *he grins to Adri

 Donald O'Harra scowls, "Getting a couple of brother's from the isles to fight one another ain't kind still ya fucker.  That was nae funny nor harmless.  Shit I nearly shot and killed the lad then and there.  So ya watch yerself.  I don't like bein' mislead and I am sure Lola don't neither."
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks over at Donald: Who been foolin' with us then?
  Adriana Gelles smiles and shakes her head at Flint
  Flint Windlow: Sorry.. I mistook ya for a smart fella, my mistake.. won't happen again..
  Donald O'Harra points at Flint.  "That's the bastard."
  Flint Windlow just shakes his head
  Flint Windlow: No body's a fan a jokes no more... poor bastards.. *shakes his head once more
  Flint Windlow: Hmmm.. there goes the last bartender here... who the hell runs this place?
  Donald O'Harra puffs his cigarette having calmed down now, "Bloody hell me nerves is right frayed now.  Think I need another drink after all that excitement."

  (kale Mirajkar walks up having seen none of what's gone on)

  kale Mirajkar: i think you've had enough to drink pard
  Bravek Barcelos: There you go Donald, Kale over there's who i had you confused with
  Lolaraine McGinnis rubs her head a bit
  Donald O'Harra shrugs, "Old news friend.  Sorry for all that.  Girls, let's head back to the cricket.
  kale Mirajkar looks over to the man
  kale Mirajkar: you were talkin about me
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to Donald
  Bravek Barcelos: yes sir, i had you and Mr. Oharra over here confused
  kale Mirajkar: what the hell for
  Donald O'Harra waves behind him as he walks on back to the Cricket.
  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes (to Bravek): Hon, I think you be careful, you mighta insulted both of them
  Flint Windlow looks from one to the next

Lola and Donald have gone into the Cricket - Daisy is trailing and will stand outside.

  Lolaraine McGinnis goes to the counter and pulls out a whiskey bottle, then brings it and two glasses over to the table and sets them in front of Donald before she sits down
  Donald O'Harra takes a seat and sighs, "Gettin' all riled up o'er nothin..."  he mutters, he takes the bottle and pours a glass full each, "Ta yer health."  he said with a smile
  Donald O'Harra downs the glass and sets it down, "Nothin' like a whiskey to set things right though hmm?"  he smiles, the drink always made his spirits rise.
  Lolaraine McGinnis gives a tight grin as she takes the glass and with a shaky hand holds it to the light before closing her eyes and sipping it
  Donald O'Harra pours himself another glass, "Éirinn go Brách!"  he says raising the glass, "Ireland Forever!"
  Lolaraine McGinnis holds the glass with both hands and nurses it, rolling the glass over her lips between sips
  Donald O'Harra looks at her, "Ya alright there lassie?"  he asks
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods quietly
  Donald O'Harra frowns, "Ya seem a right bit down to me Miss."  he sighs, "Ah well I don't want to pry where I dinnae belong."
  Lolaraine McGinnis:  Me temper gets the best of me... its the life I lead I suppose... did ya see how that man let me slap him about, with not a hand raised ta stop me?
  Lolaraine McGinnis lowers her head: Sometimes I remind me of me father... may he rest in hell
  Donald O'Harra nodded, "He must've been born here in the US.  A real Irishman would've at least covered his head to protect himself."
  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head: I never seen a man behave like that... *shudders* If ya hadn't been there... nobody else seemed ready ta stop me neither.
  Lolaraine McGinnis: God help me, what kinda animal am I?
  Donald O'Harra chuckled, "I got the same temper miss.  When I ain't drunk that is."  he says, "Lotsa folks from the homeland are like that.  Some sober, some drunk.  Me da was quite the bastard too when he got to the bottle."
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "I only remember him a bit... ma was a who'er like yerself.  She left me with the nuns when da left her."
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods a little and rests her head on the table, muttering into her arms: I ain't awful when sober....my father dint need no bottle
  Donald O'Harra nods, "Seems we're always the opposite of our folks."
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: I ain't never raisin' children, not me ... I'll give them away for their own good
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "Maybe that was what me ma thought. I'll ne'er know. The nuns gave me a hell of a time. Who'erson they'd call me... beat me with a meterstick if i got outta line..."
  Lolaraine McGinnis rests her chin on her arm and looks at Donald: I hear them nuns can be fierce
  Donald O'Harra nods, "They are... some were..." he shivers, "The reason I dinnae think everyone goes to heaven is because o' them.  The shit they'd do to us somtimes... I saw a sister beat a baby boy to death when I was 13.  All it was doin' was cryin..."
  Lolaraine McGinnis shudders: I hear stories of the injuns doin' such . I never heard of nuns as bad as them savages..
  Donald O'Harra sighed, "THey were worse to the girls... lot worse."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Guess its good I didn't end up in a nunnery... I mighta...*bites her lip* "best I be whorin"
  Donald O'Harra shudders, "The screams... ya'd hear em across the yard and all ya could think was what god would allow that to happen..."  he sighs, "I ran away when I was 14.  Convinced the church would kill me.  I wandered for a time, then came o'er here.  Fought with teh Fightin' Irish in the war, got captured, nearly starved to death in a Confederate prision, then was freed and they told me I was an ameircan citizen."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I come over here when I was about that age... runnin' from .. *whispers* my pa
  kale Mirajkar walks up with a smile good morning daisy and how have you been
  Daisy Stratten: Heya hon *nods to the man*
  Donald O'Harra nods, "I see... well ya think he's still lookin' fer ya?"
  kale Mirajkar: is'ent a nice morning here in deadwood
  kale Mirajkar: mind if i go inside for adrink
  Daisy Stratten: The fuck? It ain't mornin' hon
  Lolaraine McGinnis clamps her mouth shut when she hears the man outside
  Donald O'Harra looked behind him, "What is it?" he asked looking back at her
  kale Mirajkar: hmmm must need my eyes checked
  kale Mirajkar: well i guess im goin blind
  Daisy Stratten: Here ya go hon *pours a drink and slides it over to him*
  Lolaraine McGinnis shakes her head and looks over at the others
  Daisy Stratten: That be seventy five cents *grabs some empty glasses and sets them under the bar*
  Daisy Stratten glanced over at Lola and Donald and furrows her brow, then turns back to the man at the bar with a forced smile
  kale Mirajkar takes the glass and drops the coins on the bar
  Daisy Stratten scoops up the coins, tossing fifty cents into the cash box and pocketing the other 25 cents
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at her bruised knuckles and rubs them gently, then pours herself another drink
  Donald O'Harra looks at the others and sighed.  He nodded, understanding she didn't want to talk further in front of them.
  Daisy Stratten: Ya need 'nother bottle over there, Lo?
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to Daisy: A half one maybe
  Daisy Stratten dusts off a fresh bottle from under the bar and carries it over
  kale Mirajkar walks over and takes a seat at the table with the others
  kale Mirajkar: howdy flks
  Daisy Stratten: I be outside...
  kale Mirajkar: i heard you two been fightin
  Lolaraine McGinnis looks up at the man and frowns: did ya now?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Not with each other we ain't
  Donald O'Harra looked at Lola, "I ain't ne'er struck a woman."
  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles tightly at Donald, nodding
  kale Mirajkar: not you two just you both been in a fight
  Lolaraine McGinnis: There were a..minor altercation... *takes a swig of her drink* nothin' you need worry about
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Bah some misunderstandin'.  Dinnae worry yerself boyo."
  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles a little at Donald over her drink, and laughs quietly
  kale Mirajkar smiles well has anything neat happened today?
  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't shot no more injuns if that's what you mean
  Donald O'Harra chuckled, "Nah, jus' got drunk... s'what I do most days."
  kale Mirajkar: well thats no good
  Donald O'Harra laughed, "It ain't?  It's my god given right to as both an American and Irishman."
  kale Mirajkar: have eather of you seen that russian man or his tall friend today
  kale Mirajkar: not you sir
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Dinnae who yer talkin' bout."
  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't know as I'd know a Russian if I seen one
  kale Mirajkar: i would like to talk to both of em
  kale Mirajkar: his name is cuba
  Donald O'Harra shrugged, "Again' dinnae know him."
  Lolaraine McGinnis: A Russian named Cuba.. ain't Cuba a country somewhere round America?
  Donald O'Harra: An I dinnae invovle myself in other's business.  You want ta find him go look fer him don't expect me to come to yer to tattle on some Russian named Cuba."
  kale Mirajkar: down by florida yes
  Lolaraine McGinnis: How much money ya offerin' for information?
  kale Mirajkar laughs to himself
  Lolaraine McGinnis adds hastily: Not that I got any, but ya never know what might come up
  kale Mirajkar: im being paid 150 dollars to find him how much are you looking to get
  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: You the one wants the information. Long as you be willin' ta pay somethin...if anything comes my way, maybe I'll contact ya...
  kale Mirajkar: hmmmmm how does 40 dollars sound?
  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs and rubs her brow: Save me doin' a day's work. My head is spinnin' .. I gotta go lay me down...
  Daisy Stratten shifts her weight and sighs as she looks up and down the street
  Donald O'Harra nodded to Lola, setting some money down for the bottles, "Keep it Lola.  Be seein' ya and Daisy around."
  Lolaraine McGinnis stands up, steadying herself on the table before heading for the door
  Donald O'Harra tips his bowler to Diasy before heading up the street.
  Lolaraine McGinnis nods to donald
  Daisy Stratten smiles
  Lolaraine McGinnis: Daisy, I'm gonna go lay me down for a bit
  Daisy Stratten: Alright
  Lolaraine McGinnis walks off slowly, staggering a bit down the street

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  1. The language the supposed Irishman was speaking was Galicia - spanish and then Portugese. Perhaps he looked in a translater for Gaelic and got Galicia instead.