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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What we do to injuns in Deadwood

((Native American avatars aren't allowed in the town portion of Deadwood as regular players and are warned not to go there or they probably will be shot on sight.  This isn't because we like playing this way, but  because in historical Deadwood,  this is what would have happened.   NA's are allowed in the surrounding hills, with no promises of safety - they are safe up in Fort Laramie area, where they would have traded with the soldiers)).

((One player insisted on returning, despite several OOC warnings... this is what happened to her character))

[2010/07/17 14:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks ahead of herself, horrified, her teeth chattering: Ah knowed ah seed a injun! Let that lady go ya savage!
[2010/07/17 14:38]  Sookie Winterwolf: i wasnt gonna take her
[2010/07/17 14:38]  Daisy Stratten eyes goggle

Lola fires several shots, one of them hitting the girl who falls to the ground.

[2010/07/17 14:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis holds the rifle, her hands shaking
[2010/07/17 14:38]  Daisy Stratten: Wooooo ya got 'im!
[2010/07/17 14:38]  Sookie Winterwolf: Viola help me
[2010/07/17 14:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: He was gonna scalp that there lady
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Daisy Stratten: Git away! He might be alive!
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis aims her rifle as if to shot again
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Sookie Winterwolf: i am a girl you twits
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Viola Bluebird takes off her gloves and presses them against sookie's wounds
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You a injun, I ain't a fool
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Daisy Stratten: Ya still a fuckin' injun
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They just killed Colonel Custer and all them brave soldiers
[2010/07/17 14:39]  Viola Bluebird: lola step away from her
[2010/07/17 14:40]  Sookie Winterwolf takes out a stick and chews on it to no scream in pain again
[2010/07/17 14:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the indian
[2010/07/17 14:41]  Daisy Stratten: She gonna die ya think?
[2010/07/17 14:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks around, swinging her gun wildly
[2010/07/17 14:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I hope they ain' t more
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They travel in packs ya know.. like.. wolves
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Daisy Stratten: Christ Lola, watch that thing *looks around nervously* More?
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Sookie Winterwolf trys to pull out the pouch of herbs from her pocket to hand to Viola to put on the wounds
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Viola Bluebird kneels down next to sookie
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Viola Bluebird: and takes the herbs
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Viola Bluebird: "i have some bandages somewhere"
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Viola Bluebird: can you stand sookie?
[2010/07/17 14:42]  Daisy Stratten: You friends with that savage? *gestures at Viola*
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Viola Bluebird ignores the comment
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis eyes Viola with a little fear and little horror
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Sookie Winterwolf: a bit i think
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Viola Bluebird: right this way
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You jes' git it outta here then, if you a friend of it
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Viola Bluebird says as she leads sookie away
[2010/07/17 14:43]  Daisy Stratten: Fuckin' savages
[2010/07/17 14:44]  Daisy Stratten: Lord, think Rodger 'lows that in 'is boardin' house
[2010/07/17 14:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Shoot, I din't even get no reward
[2010/07/17 14:46]  Daisy Stratten: Next time, ya know they'll be more
[2010/07/17 14:46]  Lolaraine McGinnis shudders
[2010/07/17 14:46]  Lolaraine McGinnis (looks at a man who has been standing there the whole time, watching): Where the hell the menfolk when ya need 'im? In the mines or in the saloons, that's where!
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Daisy Stratten lookd over at the man, "What the fuck are ya doin'?"
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Drunk, no doubt
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I oughta shoot 'im in the foot
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Daisy Stratten: Up to us women to defend the town
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: see how fast he run
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Daisy Stratten laughs
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hey YOU!
[2010/07/17 14:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't you be comin' round the Cricket expectin' any business
[2010/07/17 14:48]  Daisy Stratten: Lord, he's in a trance, I bet that injun cursed 'im
[2010/07/17 14:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks anxiously at Daisy
[2010/07/17 14:49]  Daisy Stratten picks up a small rock and hurls it toward the man
[2010/07/17 14:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya don't think she put no spell on me do ya?
[2010/07/17 14:49]  Daisy Stratten: How do ya feel?
[2010/07/17 14:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis swallows and closes her eyes, holding her arms out
[2010/07/17 14:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis stands still for a few seconds
[2010/07/17 14:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis: ah think ah need a drink
[2010/07/17 14:50]  Daisy Stratten: That's the spirit!
[2010/07/17 14:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods briskly: Reckon a drink'll wash any spells off
[2010/07/17 14:51]  Daisy Stratten: C'mon

Happily, Sookie was somewhat Westernized by her rescuer, Viola and was next seen in town with a feather in her braided hair, wearing her moccasains and still carrying her healing herbs - but also wearing a western dress.  

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