Daisy and Lola at work

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A well dressed man

Lola and Daisy are standing in their usual spots in front of The Cricket. A well dressed man (WDM)approaches...

[19:38] WDM: evening ladies
[19:38] Daisy Stratten: Heya hon
[19:38] WDM : how are you this fine evening
[19:39] Daisy Stratten: Better than you, hon. What's that cane for?
[19:40] WDM: support
[19:40] Daisy Stratten: Hell I thought ya was crippled or somethin'....
[19:40] WDM: no ma'am
[19:40] WDM: everything works fine
[19:41] Daisy Stratten: Everythin' huh? Is that yer way of sayin yer lookin fer some snatch?
[19:41] WDM: maybe
[19:42] Daisy Stratten: hmm, it's five dollars fer the regular if ya like
[19:43] WDM: lead on
[19:44] Daisy Stratten: Ya want me or Lola?
[19:44] WDM: you Miss Daisy

They head inside the saloon, and to the back where the private rooms are...

[19:45] Daisy Stratten: Ya gotta wash yer junk up over there *points to the wash stand* I be in the room waitin' fer ya. Ya want the regular or ya just want a blow job? That's three dollars.
[19:45] Daisy Stratten: Don't make no difference to me
[19:47] Daisy Stratten flops on the bed and hikes her skirt up, while holding out her hand for the money
[19:47] WDM pays the lady 5 dollars
[19:48] Daisy Stratten yawns and then smiles, tucking the money into her shirt, "Alright hon, have at it. No rough stuff, and don't tear my clothes."
[19:49] WDM: drops his pants and climbs into the bed
[19:49] Daisy Stratten pats him on the shoulder and nods, then tries to remember if she paid the rent
[19:50] WDM climbs on and does his business
[19:50] Daisy Stratten: There ya go hon, yer real good *smiles up at him and winks*
[19:50] WDM pounds the girl hard then finishes
[19:50] Daisy Stratten grimaces slightly but forces a smile
[19:50] WDM pulls his pants up feeling satisfied but not very good
[19:51] Daisy Stratten: I like you hon, you a real gent
[19:51] Daisy Stratten tugs down her skirt and stands up slowly
[19:51] WDM: sorry ma'am first time with a working girl not my cup of tea I guess
[19:52] Daisy Stratten: Go on and have a drink if ya like...oh, no worries hon
[19:52] WDM hands the girl an extra 20 dollars
[19:52] WDM: I think I will

He hands her the money and hurries to the bar area of the saloon...

[19:52] Daisy Stratten washes up at the basin and dries her hands, takes the money and cocks her head, "I be right out".

Daisy walks behind the bar and sees WDM already has a drink...

[19:53] WDM sips his whiskey
[19:53] Daisy Stratten: There ya go, drink up, it'll make ya fell better
[19:53] WDM: that was right nice miss Daisy
[19:54] Daisy Stratten smiles gently and nods
[19:54] WDM: quiet here tonight
[19:54] WDM takes another push of whiskey
[19:54] Daisy Stratten: Ain't a lotta romance to it, but it's business...

He finishes his drink and heads out, and it is on to the next customer for Daisy.

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