Daisy and Lola at work

Monday, June 21, 2010

Looking for deserters, partying with Mister Brinner

Outside the Cricket

[2010/06/20 21:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: hey hon, you're lookin' better
[2010/06/20 21:08]  Daisy Stratten: Why is it that the fella I migh actually want to open my legs for is always the fella who wants to sit and talk and tell me about his mother back in Boston?
[2010/06/20 21:08]  Daisy Stratten: Thanks I feel better
[2010/06/20 21:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis snickers
[2010/06/20 21:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis: did ya get paid?
[2010/06/20 21:08]  Daisy Stratten: I did
[2010/06/20 21:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hell then jes be thankful
[2010/06/20 21:09]  Daisy Stratten: But hell sometimes it's alright to git poked if the fella is nice and polite and seems sweet
[2010/06/20 21:09]  Daisy Stratten sighs
[2010/06/20 21:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Long as he don't got nothin'
[2010/06/20 21:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis lightly scratches at her crotch area
[2010/06/20 21:09]  Daisy Stratten: I ain't lettin' that goddamn Riderick near me again
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Daisy Stratten: **Roderick
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Daisy Stratten: I think he the one that made me sick
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Naw, and he's tryin' ta say we give him somethin'
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: well we both got it
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: so I figger it was him or that fella we done together
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: but.... it ain't my mouth is bothered
[2010/06/20 21:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: so I figured its Roderick
[2010/06/20 21:11]  Daisy Stratten: He's so damn hairy he could have 27 different diseases livin' in there
[2010/06/20 21:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He was scratchin' up somethin' fierce
[2010/06/20 21:12]  Daisy Stratten: Well I'm done with 'im. No more buggy lookin' itchy fellas
[2010/06/20 21:12]  Daisy Stratten: So this new fella, said 'is name was Brinner
[2010/06/20 21:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods
[2010/06/20 21:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh yeah?
[2010/06/20 21:12]  Daisy Stratten: Paid me just to talk
[2010/06/20 21:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Damn I want me one a them
[2010/06/20 21:13]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hell I want me a dozen of 'em
[2010/06/20 21:13]  Daisy Stratten: He gotta jumpy when a soldier came in
[2010/06/20 21:13]  Daisy Stratten: **got
[2010/06/20 21:13]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh yeah, another damn soldier lookin' for a deserter?
[2010/06/20 21:13]  Lolaraine McGinnis: some Sarge guy come buy and offered 30 bucks if we turn somebody in
[2010/06/20 21:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hey!!!!
[2010/06/20 21:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We oughta turn Roderick in!
[2010/06/20 21:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: 15 bucks each
[2010/06/20 21:14]  Lolaraine McGinnis: that's 3 jobs each
[2010/06/20 21:14]  Daisy Stratten: Is he a deserter?
[2010/06/20 21:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: who the hell cares, 30 bucks is 30 bucks
[2010/06/20 21:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: anyway, military'd do him good
[2010/06/20 21:15]  Daisy Stratten: Sure, lets do it
[2010/06/20 21:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: make a man out a him
[2010/06/20 21:15]  Lolaraine McGinnis: we just gotta leave a note down with the wider lady at the laundry
[2010/06/20 21:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: let's do it1
[2010/06/20 21:16]  Daisy Stratten: Alright
[2010/06/20 21:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I got a paper
[2010/06/20 21:16]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You got somethin' to write with?

The girls head down to the widder's and see Rog Brinner and a soldier talking down by the water.

[2010/06/20 21:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh, hey you soldier boy
[2010/06/20 21:17]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at the man with a smirk on her face
[2010/06/20 21:17]  Jag Dragovar steps back, startled
[2010/06/20 21:17]  Daisy Stratten: You lookin fer deserters?
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Jag Dragovar hides in the grass
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis: crap i'm slidin' in
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis digs her way back out of the mud
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Daisy Stratten: Goddamn muddy over here
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Daisy Stratten: Where the hell did he go?
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Daisy Stratten picks up a rock and throws it across the creek
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Jag Dragovar: Ow!
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Daisy Stratten: Shit!
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Daisy Stratten: Hey!!!!!!
[2010/06/20 21:18]  Lolaraine McGinnis shades her eyes from the sun and peers across
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Daisy Stratten: There he is!
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hell, there's two then

(the soldier takes off running down the river)

[2010/06/20 21:19]  Daisy Stratten: Ohhhhhhhh
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hey there fella
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I bet he's one too
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Daisy Stratten: Yer right
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: What was that good lookin' guy's name?
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Rog Brinner: looks like you gals drove him off! *laughs*
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Daisy Stratten: Well. Damn.
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He looked familiar
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Lolaraine McGinnis nudges Daisy
[2010/06/20 21:19]  Daisy Stratten: We was gonna tell 'im 'bout a deserter
[2010/06/20 21:20]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I was told the Sarge hangs out over here
[2010/06/20 21:20]  Rog Brinner: Well, at least he ain't old enough to be your fa... somewhat older (but still vigorous) cousin
[2010/06/20 21:20]  Daisy Stratten: Oh, Lola this is Mr Brinner. Mr Brinner this is Lola
[2010/06/20 21:20]  Lolaraine McGinnis eyes the man up and down and winks: Hey there hon
[2010/06/20 21:20]  Rog Brinner: Pleasta meetcha, Lola
[2010/06/20 21:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis puts a hand on her hip and sashays back and forth, grinning at the man
[2010/06/20 21:21]  Daisy Stratten: 'Scuse me, I gotta use the outhouse
[2010/06/20 21:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Pleased ta metcha too hon
[2010/06/20 21:21]  Rog Brinner: Daisy, had you really seen that soldier before?
[2010/06/20 21:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis: She's.. busy
[2010/06/20 21:21]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Girl got needs ya know?
[2010/06/20 21:22]  Rog Brinner: Nope, guess I don't
[2010/06/20 21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis raises her eyebrows: Hell she usin' a outhouse
[2010/06/20 21:22]  Rog Brinner: did you think that fella was lookin' for deserters?
[2010/06/20 21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis frowns: We got needs like men do, ya know
[2010/06/20 21:22]  Rog Brinner smiles
[2010/06/20 21:22]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: I dunno, we was gonna turn one in
[2010/06/20 21:23]  Rog Brinner: cantcha tell when a man's foolin' with ya, Lola?
[2010/06/20 21:23]  Lolaraine McGinnis: 30 dollars ya know
[2010/06/20 21:23]  Lolaraine McGinnis rolls her eyes: Hon, men fool with me 20 times a day, I don't laugh no more
[2010/06/20 21:23]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Unless they hand over the dollars
[2010/06/20 21:23]  Rog Brinner: Now, I don't know what makes ya think I'm an easy touch
[2010/06/20 21:23]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Easy touch? I ain't laid a hand on ya!
[2010/06/20 21:24]  Rog Brinner: between Daisy and that soldier, I'm plumb cleaned out
[2010/06/20 21:24]  Rog Brinner: he threatened to sic the whole dang army on me
[2010/06/20 21:24]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You give that soldier money, hon?
[2010/06/20 21:24]  Rog Brinner: I... I thought he new somethin' about me
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis sets her hand on her hip: Ya know, the way he run off when we said "deserter" makes me think maybe we knows something about him
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Rog Brinner: but now I'm not even sure he was a real soldier
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Rog Brinner: You seen him before?
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: Good thinkin' hon, a little late
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Naw I never seed him afore
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Them uniforms all looks alike anyways
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Rog Brinner: Yeah, I'm good at late
[2010/06/20 21:25]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We don't "do" soldiers
[2010/06/20 21:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis: They don't got money and they do got diseases
[2010/06/20 21:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We just say No
[2010/06/20 21:26]  Rog Brinner: well, I'm relieved to hear that
[2010/06/20 21:26]  Rog Brinner: now ya wanna see an old man scramble for some gold?
[2010/06/20 21:26]  Lolaraine McGinnis eyes the man some more: So, what kinda stuff he got on ya?
[2010/06/20 21:27]  Rog Brinner: Ma'am, I'll be straight with ya
[2010/06/20 21:27]  Rog Brinner: it's all gone
[2010/06/20 21:27]  Rog Brinner: but I just know I'm gonna get some more soon...
[2010/06/20 21:27]  Lolaraine McGinnis stares at him: Whatsall gone?
[2010/06/20 21:27]  Daisy Stratten comes back with her skirt half tucked into her pantaloons
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Rog Brinner: and I got a feelin' credit ain't easy 'round here
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis reaches over and yanks Daisy's skirt into place while smiling at the man
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: All I ast was what kinda stuff that soldier boy had on ya
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Rog Brinner: as fer the other .. jest fergit it
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Daisy Stratten tosses her hair back and smiles, mouthing "Thank you" to Lola
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I din't ask for no money
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Daisy Stratten: Awww ya made 'im mad
[2010/06/20 21:28]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at Daisy and mouths: "What's his problem?
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He keeps thinkin' I want his money, ever' time I ast him anythin'
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Daisy Stratten shrugs
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He thinks I askin' fer money
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't ast fer nothin'
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Rog Brinner: hey! I got no problem that need concern a coupla pretty ladies
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Daisy Stratten: Me and Lola know a lot...
[2010/06/20 21:29]  Rog Brinner: 'cepyt that I'm too poor to treat ya like you deserve
[2010/06/20 21:30]  Rog Brinner: like what?
[2010/06/20 21:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks across the river: Maybe them soldiers is stayin' over there
[2010/06/20 21:30]  Lolaraine McGinnis stares across the way
[2010/06/20 21:30]  Rog Brinner: ya mean they don't go back to the fort?
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs again: That Sarge said they was bunkin' around here

[2010/06/20 21:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: It ain't no hop skip and a jump to the fort ya know
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Daisy Stratten: Forts over 200 miles away, so when they come they stay a while
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Rog Brinner: well now, I wonder if they know about that young fella that took my money?
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh don't you worry none
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Daisy Stratten: A soldier took yer mney?
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Me and Daisy'll tell 'em
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Uh huh that soldier boy did
[2010/06/20 21:31]  Rog Brinner: well ... I sorta gave it to him
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We gonna tell the Sarge
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well he kinda lied to ya

[2010/06/20 21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: and you kinda fell for it
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis snickers
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Rog Brinner: maybe we oughta just "say" we're gonna tell the sarge
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh hon, Daisy and me, we gettin' a list of stuff ta tell the Sarge *winks and grins*
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Rog Brinner: if you see that kid again, you could try it
[2010/06/20 21:32]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Don't you worry none
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Brinner, right?
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Rog Brinner: and then you could give me back my money, right?
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh yeah, uh sure
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Daisy Stratten nods her head several times
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Rog Brinner: Hey! no need to mention MY name!
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Daisy Stratten looks to Lola, her brow knitted
[2010/06/20 21:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh hell no we won't
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles: Why'd we do that?
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Daisy Stratten: We ain't snitches
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Nah we ain't snitches
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Rog Brinner: thanks, Lola, your sweet
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We may be whores, but we ain't snitches
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods her head firmly
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Rog Brinner: your both a couple of gold nuggets, far as I'm concerned
[2010/06/20 21:34]  Daisy Stratten grins
[2010/06/20 21:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles a little but crosses her arms
[2010/06/20 21:35]  Rog Brinner: ya know, the kind o' thing you're mighty glad to find?
[2010/06/20 21:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Whiskey?
[2010/06/20 21:35]  Rog Brinner: The magic word!!
[2010/06/20 21:35]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: I know I glad for whiskey
[2010/06/20 21:35]  Rog Brinner: but I can't pay now
[2010/06/20 21:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hon, ain't nobody askin' ya fer money
[2010/06/20 21:36]  Rog Brinner: did I say you was sweet?
[2010/06/20 21:36]  Rog Brinner: I need a stronger word!
[2010/06/20 21:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Whiskey
[2010/06/20 21:36]  Daisy Stratten giggles
[2010/06/20 21:36]  Rog Brinner: now, where might we find this whiskey?
[2010/06/20 21:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis runs her tongue around her lips
[2010/06/20 21:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Twine and Snoodle got some
[2010/06/20 21:37]  Daisy Stratten glances out the corner of her eyes and nods
[2010/06/20 21:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: right outside they tent usual
[2010/06/20 21:37]  Rog Brinner: now, you stop that, Miss Lola! I ain't THAT old!
[2010/06/20 21:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: never to old fer Twine and Snoodle
[2010/06/20 21:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I'll be twinin' an' Snoodlin' til the day I die
[2010/06/20 21:38]  Daisy Stratten: Nah you ain't as old as Zeke, so you as good as young
[2010/06/20 21:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Zeke!
[2010/06/20 21:38]  Daisy Stratten shudders
[2010/06/20 21:38]  Lolaraine McGinnis turns and spits on the ground
[2010/06/20 21:38]  Rog Brinner: never know when that dyin' might happen -- let's go git a drink!

[2010/06/20 21:39]  Daisy Stratten: Sure thing hon
[2010/06/20 21:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh we kin sit outside an' drink
[2010/06/20 21:39]  Daisy Stratten: Lead the way Lola
[2010/06/20 21:39]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We ain't on duty, Zeke cain't ast us fer money
[2010/06/20 21:39]  Rog Brinner: a party!

The three set off for Twine and Snoodles.  Lola gets there first and grabs three bottles, then heads back to meet them outside Lola and Daisy's place).

[2010/06/20 21:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis has three bottles
[2010/06/20 21:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis hands one to each of them
[2010/06/20 21:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Here y'ar
[2010/06/20 21:41]  Daisy Stratten: Where we gonna sit?
[2010/06/20 21:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis uncorks the bottle and takes a swig
[2010/06/20 21:41]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Hell I dunno
[2010/06/20 21:41]  Daisy Stratten takes a bottle and grins
[2010/06/20 21:42]  Rog Brinner: where do you gals like to relax?
[2010/06/20 21:42]  Daisy Stratten mutters a few curse words as she struggles to uncork it
[2010/06/20 21:42]  Lolaraine McGinnis snorts and a little whiskey spurts out her nose: Relax, heh
[2010/06/20 21:42]  Rog Brinner: r-e-l-a-x
[2010/06/20 21:43]  Rog Brinner snorts at his cleverness
[2010/06/20 21:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs: You a funny one, hon
[2010/06/20 21:43]  Daisy Stratten: Guess we can sit out front, gotta chair or two inside, I think...
[2010/06/20 21:43]  Rog Brinner: hey, this is strong stuff
[2010/06/20 21:43]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We outa put out some pillows or somethin' Daisy
[2010/06/20 21:44]  Lolaraine McGinnis throws a couple of pillows down
[2010/06/20 21:44]  Daisy Stratten drags a stool outside
[2010/06/20 21:44]  Rog Brinner: how come this place spins around?
[2010/06/20 21:44]  Lolaraine McGinnis: sit yerself down old man, take a load off
[2010/06/20 21:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Out here, right there
[2010/06/20 21:45]  Lolaraine McGinnis motions to the pillow on the ground
[2010/06/20 21:45]  Rog Brinner: hey, ya know what I'm gonna do?
[2010/06/20 21:46]  Lolaraine McGinnis pats another pillow: Set yerself down Daisy!
[2010/06/20 21:46]  Rog Brinner: I'm gonna pull everrrry bit o' gold outa that stream
[2010/06/20 21:47]  Rog Brinner: then I'm gonna get a big house
[2010/06/20 21:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis takes a swig then holds the bottle up: Yah!!!!!!
[2010/06/20 21:47]  Daisy Stratten giggles and takes a sip
[2010/06/20 21:47]  Rog Brinner: an a whole box full o' this whikey
[2010/06/20 21:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis yells: Yah man!!!!
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs a bit wildly
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Rog Brinner: an then I'm gonna get down on my knees and propose to both o' you gals
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Daisy Stratten laughs and spills whiskey down her front
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Rog Brinner: 'cause I gotta have somebody to share that house with
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Daisy Stratten: You'd have three wives ...
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Daisy Stratten: You Mormon?
[2010/06/20 21:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks at Daisy: He seein' double?
[2010/06/20 21:49]  Rog Brinner: an when the OLD mrs. B comes out here, whe's just about gonna perish from jealosy
[2010/06/20 21:49]  Daisy Stratten: She ugly?
[2010/06/20 21:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis: She old AND ugly?
[2010/06/20 21:49]  Rog Brinner: who knows? I ain't seen her in 15 years
[2010/06/20 21:49]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Oh hell, how ya know she ain't dead?
[2010/06/20 21:50]  Rog Brinner: kicked me out, she did
[2010/06/20 21:50]  Rog Brinner: she's too prim and proper to die
[2010/06/20 21:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis chuckles
[2010/06/20 21:50]  Daisy Stratten: I ain't very prim...
[2010/06/20 21:50]  Rog Brinner: just 'cause I didn't want to be a soldier
[2010/06/20 21:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't very proper
[2010/06/20 21:51]  Rog Brinner: ya look properly bootiful to me missy
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Daisy Stratten: Yer beeeeyooootiful Lola *waves her bottle over her head*
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Daisy Stratten: Aww hell
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Daisy Stratten: Did he die?
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He just old
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He restin'
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Rog Brinner: nawww, just 'tendin'
[2010/06/20 21:52]  Daisy Stratten: Check 'is poc....oh.
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He look kinda good layin' there
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Daisy Stratten giggles
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Rog Brinner: sure feels good to lie down tho
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: all natural
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Daisy Stratten: Hop on top Lola *cackles*
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Rog Brinner: I am one tired, pathetic old geezer
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis spits out a little of the whiskey as she laughs
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Aw you got life in ya
[2010/06/20 21:53]  Rog Brinner: but I meant what I said about that gold!
[2010/06/20 21:54]  Rog Brinner: there! how's that
[2010/06/20 21:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Ya ain't dead til yer dead *nods in satisfaction at her words of wisdom*
[2010/06/20 21:55]  Daisy Stratten: You should stich that on a sampler Lola
[2010/06/20 21:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I don't know how ta stich nothin' no more
[2010/06/20 21:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I used ta but I fergit
[2010/06/20 21:55]  Rog Brinner: 'scuse me Miss Daisy
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Rog Brinner: didn't mean to ignore ya
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Rog Brinner: yore plumb bootiful too
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Rog Brinner: now I think maybe I'm
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Daisy Stratten: I look like a washed out Indian
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Rog Brinner: gonna...
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Rog Brinner: fall.....
[2010/06/20 21:56]  Rog Brinner: asleep

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