Daisy and Lola at work

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That's what friends are for...

Daisy is in her usual spot outside the Cricket - it's a hot day, the windows are open.  Lola is inside and can hear the talk as JF steps up.

JF Kanto stops, smiling slightly....Hello there Daisy.
Daisy Stratten lets out a barely audible, "Fuuuuuuck."
Daisy Stratten: Heya Mr Kanto
JF Kanto: Hows busniness?
Daisy Stratten: Real good. 'cept in this heat most fellas ain't in the mood
JF Kanto chuckles....Well, some ain't and some are I reckon.
Daisy Stratten nods and looks over her shoulder through the window
JF Kanto tries to peer thru the windows.....So where has Lola been keeping herself?

(Inside, Lola  slides down behind the piano)

Daisy Stratten: Oh ya know how she is, just up and disappears all the time
Daisy Stratten: I ain't seen 'er in days...*bites her lower lip*

Lolaraine McGinnis gets down on her hands and knees and crawls behind the bar

Daisy Stratten looks down at her feet and fidgets uneasily
JF Kanto grunts....In days heh? I reckon your whoremaster isnt all that happy with her then.
Daisy Stratten: Aw well she makes up for it....and we have new gals too
Daisy Stratten: Uh...well...he's old ya know..

Lolaraine McGinnis looks over the counter, trying to see if Kanto is still out there  
JF Kanto puts his hand behind his back....Say where is that ugly mick that was hangin around?
Daisy Stratten: Hell he went missin' a while back...prolly drunk in the hills with his boyos as he calls 'em
Daisy Stratten nods several times, feeling more confident as she lies
JF Kanto nods slightly....Yeah, sounds about right for an irish bastard.
Daisy Stratten: How 'bout you? Keepin' busy?
JF Kanto looks at Daisy speculatively........Oh, you know. Picking up a job here and there.
Daisy Stratten averts her eyes and bounces her foor nervously
JF Kanto: Daisy, you sure you aint seen Red around?

Lolaraine McGinnis curses under her breath, shifting on her knees

Daisy Stratten: Oh 'course not...I mean, I'd tell ya if I had

Lolaraine McGinnis eyes the distance from the counter to the back room and contemplates

JF Kanto rubs his chin....Yeah, I suppose you would. You know, I get right upset when my friends lie to me Daisy. And I consider you a friend.
Daisy Stratten blinks several times as she flushes pink in the face, "That's nice of ya to say....that we're friends...oh have you seen the new beer hall? Across the street? *points*
JF Kanto takes a cigar from his vest pocket along with a lucifer. Striking the match to life, he lit the cigar, the whole time keeping his eyes focused on Daisy.
Daisy Stratten: You should go look in the windows...they have...uh...women
JF Kanto glances over his shoulder.....I seen they was going to open. I just might pay them a visit.
Daisy Stratten: Oh ya should. I heard it was real nice
JF Kanto considers....But you know, us being friends and all, I dont feel right taking my business somewheres else.
Daisy Stratten reaches up and wipes her brow with her hand, and swallowa hard, "That's kinda of ya....real kind."

Lolaraine McGinnis reaches around under the counter and finds a half empty whiskey bottle

JF Kanto nods....I knew you would feel that a way.
JF Kanto: Why dont we go on inside. I will buy ya a drink or three.

Lolaraine McGinnis opens the bottle quietly with her teeth, spits the top out and takes a swig

Daisy Stratten: Sure hon...*squints her eyes shut as she turns to open the door*

Lolaraine McGinnis freezes as she hears the door opening

JF Kanto tilts his head.....Door locked?
Daisy Stratten: Uh....

[Note:  At this point, it was found that the door really was locked - some glitch that had to be fixed by the sim owner - could have just rp'd opening the door but decided to work this into the role play, a little improv!]

Lolaraine McGinnis smirks a little
Lolaraine McGinnis looks over to see if the chair she wedged behind the door is still holding

Daisy Stratten rattles the knob and tried to shoulder the door open
Daisy Stratten: Well hell
Daisy Stratten: Looks like it's stuck *shrugs*
JF Kanto: Huh...
JF Kanto: Looks like the owner done closed up. Pity.
Daisy Stratten: Heh heh, didn't even tell me....
JF Kanto: Never mind then.
JF Kanto: But you let Red know I was askin for her wont you?
Daisy Stratten: Well uh, you try the 10, hon. Git a drink there *nods*
JF Kanto looks down the street
Daisy Stratten smiles sweetly and smoothes her hair
JF Kanto looks thru the window
JF Kanto lifts the window and climbs in

Lolaraine McGinnis curses

Daisy Stratten: Aww hell
JF Kanto grins...well look it here.
JF Kanto pushes the door chair away.....Somebody blocked the door with a chair. Wonder who?
JF Kanto: Climb on in thru the window Daisy.
Daisy Stratten curses and hikes up her skirt to climb in
JF Kanto ambles over to the bar...

Lolaraine McGinnis holds her breath

JF Kanto looks back toward Daisy grinning at her exposed legs as she climbs in.

Lolaraine McGinnis holds her fingers to her lips and motions Daisy

JF Kanto: Daisy, you got a nicely shaped ankle.

Lolaraine McGinnis scrunches down more

Daisy Stratten grabs a bottle and a glass, setting them next to each other, "Awww thanks hon" *glances at Lola quickly and then away*
JF Kanto gives Daisy a questioning look.....wheres your glass?
Daisy Stratten winks as she pulls out a nother glass, then uncorks the bottle with her teeth, she pours two full glasses and smiles
Daisy Stratten: There we go...
JF Kanto pulls out pouch of gold dust and gives her two big pinches....There ya are.

Lolaraine McGinnis grimaces slightly as her ankle twists a little

Daisy Stratten flips her hair over her shoulder and licks her lips, "Ya know, hon. we ain't ever been in the back together." *nods several times*
Daisy Stratten takes up the gold dust and places it in a small drawer attached to the scale
JF Kanto grins....Ya know your right Daisy. And I do have the inclination. but it is just so goddamed hot.

Lolaraine McGinnis frowns

JF Kanto sips the whiskey, his eyes on Daisy the whole time.
Daisy Stratten: Are ya sure hon? It'd be real fun *tugs her shirt straps lower*
JF Kanto eyes brighten up....You are a temptress aren't you?

Lolaraine McGinnis rocks slightly, her eyes tearing up as her legs cramp

Daisy Stratten: Well, The Cricket ain't know for its shy gals
JF Kanto laughs
Daisy Stratten: Ya know it is too damn hot to be drinkin' inside, out front we git a good breeze
JF Kanto: Yeah, but then we gotta climb thru that damn window again.

Lolaraine McGinnis's eyes linger on the shotgun under the counter

JF Kanto leans on the bar....
Daisy Stratten refills her own glass and offers to pour more for Kanto

Lolaraine McGinnis leans back close to the counter

JF Kanto nods...sure, sure.
Lolaraine McGinnis tries to push herself into the shelving
Daisy Stratten tugs the front of her shirt even lower and trails a finger over the tops of her breasts as she pours his drink
JF Kanto: Ya know Daisy, I just might take ya up on the back room

Lolaraine McGinnis tugs on Daisy's skirt

Daisy Stratten: There ya go, hon.*nods and looks down at the floor as Lola tugsat her skirt* We'll go on in the back...

Lolaraine McGinnis mouths: I owe ya

JF Kanto: Aint no hurry Daisy.
JF Kanto: Whats your prices?
Daisy Stratten: Oh well, two fer hand, three fer mouth, five fer regular.
Lolaraine McGinnis digs in her blouse and pulls out one of the gold chunks Rog had given her, holding it in her hand palm up to Daisy

JF Kanto: two fer hand? damned expensive, just to get your ashes hauled.
Lolaraine McGinnis looks up at Daisy and mouths "do it for free"
Daisy Stratten with her hand below the bar, waves her hand at Lola, refusing the gold

Lolaraine McGinnis sighs

Daisy Stratten: Ya know hon, I heard you was the one who captured Wild Bill's killer....
Daisy Stratten: It....it....it'd be an honor for me to give it to ya on the house
Daisy Stratten blinks several times and exhales slowly
JF Kanto tilts his head.......on the house?

Lolaraine McGinnis clasps her hands and looks hopeful

Daisy Stratten: Uh uh....I mean yer a hero, ain't ya?
JF Kanto eyes narrow as he studies Daisy....but a whore offerin for free services?

Lolaraine McGinnis chews on her lower lip

Daisy Stratten: Zeke gave away a ton of whiskey to Wild Bill for bein' a hero...ain't no thing to offer a little free pussy....fer a hero.

Lolaraine McGinnis nods in agreement and tries to take a swig from the bottle

JF Kanto rubs his chin as he thinks, then nods once...alright, done and done.
JF Kanto: come on from behind there pretty thing.

Lolaraine McGinnis lets out a sigh of relief louder than she intended

Daisy Stratten: Good..good..this is good...
JF Kanto starts to walk around to the end of the bar.

Lolaraine McGinnis crawls to the other end

Daisy Stratten moves to take kanto by the arm and hustle him into the back
JF Kanto looks down at Daisy....Dont you worry. I aint mean like Larsson.
Daisy Stratten: That's right nice to hear, hon

Lolaraine McGinnis waits for the door to close and then runs for the window

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